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Changing the definition of a unit of Dash


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I'm not sure if this will be taken seriously, but I think it would be beneficial to change the definition of a unit of Dash. In other words instead of saying you own, for instance, 10 Dash... You would say you own 10 MegaDash or some other terminology. A unit of Dash would be a lower denomination like 0.1.

If wallets and exchanges started using the new terminology, we could say we have 72.2 million Dash outstanding or 7.2 million MegaDash. It helps with the psychological barrier of purchasing Dash as the price of Dash goes up and will ultimately add to the liquidity. It also helps with the psychology of using Dash as a payment method since it is a lower denomination.

Wallets and exchanged would start using the terminology and sell in those denominations, and people with smaller incomes would feel better about buying 5 Dash as opposed to 0.5 Dash for instance.

As an added benefit, this would differentiate us a bit more from other cryptos.
I think it would only create confusion. Maybe we can come up with something when we need to split the Duff.
We need to invent new names for 0.01 and 0.001 DASH.

I think 0.001 DASH = 1 Doin (Dash coin).
And 0.000'001 DASH = 1 dot

Don't change existing definitions. Rather add new.
I don't like changing the name at all. i'd much rather just change where the decimal is, but i think people will eventually use the actual names of each decimal point on a regular basis if crypto goes mainstream anyways. In the end these kinds of sneaky psychological tactics shouldn't be necessary. if people are getting what they want out of Dash they will use it.
How about this:
.1 dash = decidash
.01 dash = centidash
.001 dash = milidash

10 dash = DecaDash
100 dash = CentoDash
1000 dash = MegaDash

No need for cute names because there are standards for that ;) Mine may be a little off, but I think I may have made some small holder feel better anyway.