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cex is a SCAM.

I deposited 800€ over two weeks ago and my money is nowhere to be seen.

There is no customer support. Nobody answer my tickets.

Money stolen by cex.

They pretend to be an exchange but they are thieves.
collect your paperwork
talk to lawyer
start threaten them

i used them a bunch of times to empty out a crypto credit card and all worked like a charm there for me
The guy (or bot) in twitter answer quite fast.
My 4 open tickets only get automated responses.
In 3 days it will be 3 weeks since cex stole my deposit.
And what about your tickets, any wasn't responded? Try tweet them with your ticket number. It helped me to get an answer in few hours.
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They don't have support at all. Only the guy (or bot) at twitter.
I only get automated answers to my tickets.
They have stolen my deposit and forget about me.