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Can I set a password to open my wallet?

ID Joker

New member
I have installed my wallet and transferred Dash into it. I have also encrypted it. However, the wallet still launches on my Mac without a password required. Is there a way to require a password on launch?

(I haven't tried to send, but I am assuming I will be required to enter my encryption password to send Dash out of my wallet. However, I'd also like other people who might have access to my machine to not be able to launch and view my wallet.)

@ID Joker, as you assumed, you will be asked for password while sending funds.
If those people having access to your machine are logging-in with their own OS account, they won't see your wallet data, because wallet file is created within user's home directory (they will have their own). Of course, if their OS privileges allow copying your wallet.dat, they will be able to see your wallet's balances.