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Bulletproofs : can it can implemented as addition to Dash current privacy ?


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Aim, Fire: Bulletproofs Is a Breakthrough for Privacy on Blockchains

On top of this, the more bulletproof transactions you verify at once, the cheaper the process gets, Bunz told an audience at a lecture in UCL,
pointing out that this could mean it works even better when used with existing privacy tech like "CoinJoin" – a popular piece of code that today fuses transactions together.

Your thoughts please..
Even if its true about malleability does it really matter? If we wanted to implement it, I don't see why we couldn't.
also what problem would bulletproofs solve for the dash network?
Either way it shouldn't be used at all until we know for sure its safe. I personally think its best to let other projects utilize it first.
Bulletproofs reduce tx size and provide privacy, enabling on-chain scaling. That's why it matters.

Your sour grapes are just a way to rationalize Dash's lack of modern features like segwit, Lightning, and range proofs.

Dash could be taking the lead on making sure bulletproofs are safe rather than following the pack. But that would require spending money on real development instead of stupid shit like podcasts and youtube street team cringe videos.

What sour grapes? This comment made no sense, and being so defensive makes me think you're mind isn't in the right place to talk about this rationally.. Of course I got the same impression from your first comment.

Could you explain why its impossible for dash to implement this?
Seems to me like something dash core could spend time researching and potentially implementing depending on the findings they have and what the masternodes think.
The technology is new and jumping headfirst into anything new without any real understanding is not a direction I would ever take.
If the technology objectively improves the network dash will adopt it..
I love what I've read about bulletproofs. The biggest problem with Monero's RingCT is the huge transaction size, but this greatly reduces that problem. I know the current team is very busy working on Evolution, but with the large budget we have I'd like to see additional hires/teams working on Atomic Swaps and next gen privacy solutions.