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Budget proposal, reserach group.


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Where do budget proposals go? Not sure if general is ok but anyway, just a thought on a kind of sub-proposal type thing, a budget available for research that can be managed and used as needed without creating individual proposals for each case. I'm thinking something like a small committee that receives a minor amount to handle research requests, payments to researchers, presentation etc. Subjects would be fairly general, could be going through documentation for summaries for development, previous cases for marketing, legality, all sorts and imo contacts with academics and experts in various fields could streamline many areas. That's probably far too general for an actual proposal but maybe discussion on it could lead to something interesting.


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We have a strong group of masternode owners who are very worried about wasting funds. It might be a very hard sell :) However, I personally would very much like to have a budget to keep an attorney on retainer for advising and protecting the project. (Idea coming from your suggestion). I have a lot of questions, and we're breaking new ground. There are no laws that pertain to an Autonomous Distributed Virtual Corporation. There will be a lot of challenges to Dash, and we should have a legal team built up, who understand exactly what we're trying to do, and advise us on how to do it if possible. But mostly, when the big bad guvments come to attack, we should have some heavy artillery. The funds not being used for anything else at the moment (10% - budget items) should not disappear, but be put into such a fund. Our budget is our strength and as awful as it sounds, we need lobbyists that are on our side.