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Budget Proposal: Peter Todd to review Instant X?

Should DASH pay Peter Todd to review Instant X?

  • Hell Yeah

    Votes: 27 42.9%
  • Fuck no

    Votes: 36 57.1%

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I can't see the actual proposal on the dashwhale. Or it is just preproposal discussion?

- step's on soap box -

- PROPOSAL's should NOT be used as a discussion platform - PERIOD

THIS is the 'discussion platform'
IF a 'discussion platform' cannot garner enough support - WHY OH WHY, would you want to "burn" ANY DASH???

I seriously don't think some people understand what the voting system, is, or, what, it's ACTUALLY suppose to be used for.

Sure - you can use it as a 'Poll' - don't get me wrong here - BUT
- people should really stop throwing just anything into the 'voting system'
- start talking about the proposal first - get support for it, or it dies.......

Anybody that wants to submit a frivolousness proposal that has not even been peer-reviewed.....
..... can simply send those 5DASH to the address below

There ARE currently proposal(s) on the DASH voting system that are completely laughable and never should have been created.

- steps off soap box -
+1 I don't think he's very professional. He's more of a celebrity than a professional.

The right way to get a technical review done (if that's really what this is about) is to find a sleepy academic department out in the 'real world' that's got no axe to grind other than analytical rigour. Fund a couple of PHD students or something to produce a report that will be useful to the project.

If Peter Todd is being sought for his celebrity status ("well known in blockchain tech") rather than his reputation for dispassionate rigour, then don't be surprised if it ends up as a "celebrity put down" rather than a rigerous appraisal.

He's already given his verdict on record anyway. So why pay him $150 an hour just to type it out ?

Then again, this is a much better idea! A+++
...I'd expect him to give us a solid analysis...

...and if he sees solutions, to share them...

...but if he has any work ethics...
OK, so I take it he isn't a good person at all? I don't know anything about him except his snake oil comment, which around here can be taken with a grain of salt. :what:

anyway, I'd rather do Toknormal's idea, we should find some PHDs in Economics and have them do their dissertation on this or something??? Or get a professor to get his class to study this, especially a gaming class or something?
That would make a lot of sense, certainly more than Peter Todd. I did like the idea of Mike Hearn though, always had a lot of respect for that guys work but both Mike or Peter could result in drama and chaos, maybe a fair amount of publicity but probably a lot of the wrong kind.
I would definitely be interested in having the InstantX code and functionality professionally reviewed by a reputable third part, however, I don't believe Mr. Todd could provide a complete unbiased review alone... Maybe if he was joined by other renowned devs? Or a completely different third party all together? I have a strong belief in DASH and definitely want it to become more appreciated by others instead of the butt-end of most jokes.
OMG, is it that guy who called DASH snake oil and bad crypto??? Pay him 150 USD / hour for a code review whose outcome will be snake oil and bad crypto???

IMO, it would be more beneficial for the community to give this money to the liquidity team to have a better DarkSend liquidity :)
So many voicing their "NO" votes and yet the "yes" votes keep increasing by a silent crowd. Still it's important to note that 3 yes votes are actually no votes. Nonetheless I'd like to hear the currently 24 pro-voters out. Why would he specifically be a good choice? Remember this isn't about deciding whether to have a review or not (I am pro review, I originally suggested it on Twitter!), it's about a specific person doing it! If you weren't aware of that don't vote!
Is it possible to check how many yes votes originate from users 1) whose registration date is less than let's say one week; 2) who posted something meaningful on the forum (no spam, no ads) etc. ?
Instead of getting someone to review the code I think it would be more beneficial to create a bug report + fix program.