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Budget Proposal Discussions: The Territory of DASH. Part 3. Representation in the CIS countries


Our pre-budget proposal discussion

Dash Watch June report

We have changed our budget proposal taking into account all the wishes, as well as making adjustment given not the highest exchange rate of DASH. We hope for your support and will do our best to popularize DASH in the CIS countries.

Who we are?

The team of 14 people, who has been working on popularization of DASH in Russia and CIS countries for about a year.

What have we already done?

1. Conferences.

Since January we have participated in conferences and summits where DASH was presented at the standand Oleg Karimov was a speaker. We have attended the conference in Moscow, where we tried our best to help Robert Wiecko, and Minsk Conference in May, where we were the organizers.

All the Russian-speaking teams that work for DASH have met at the conference in Minsk. Among them, there were Alex-ru (Alexey Gusev), the coordinator of the Russian-speaking community; the marketer of the MGcom marketing agency Maxim Popov, who made contextual advertising for DASH in the Russian-speaking segment; Elena Besedina, from the DASH People Project. About 400 people took part in the conference in Minsk, we installed about 200 DASH wallets, 30 people received DASH on their wallets and souvenirs from “The Territory of DASH” team.

1. Blockchain Conference Saint Petersburg 2018
2. International Blockchain Summit Moscow 2018
4. IT conference Digital Thaw 2018, in Nizhny Novgorod
5. Blockchain Conference Moscow, 2018
6. What is DASH? Robert Wyensko on the technology of the future at a conference in Moscow in 2018
7. Smart Taler Minsk 2018: annual conference on trends in fintech-sphere, block and crypto-currencies
8. Dash: Smart Taler Minsk 2018, conference on trends in the fintech-sphere, detective and crypto-currencies

The results of the conferences were the integration of DASH with new exchanges and other services which were directly concluded at the DASH stand. New exchanges announced listing at the conference in Moscow and Minsk.

1. Exenium.io,
2. Bitexbook.com,
3. Wallbtc.com,
4. Сryptocreditcard.io,
5. Bit.team ,
The National Universities of Belarus and Russian business schools invited Oleg Karimov to give lectures on DASH.

The total number of conference participants is more than 7000 people.

2. Information portal RuCrypto.com

We have already been working on the development of the information portal RuCrypto.com for five months. On the portal, you can find different news about cryptocurrencies, Fintech projects and ICO, “Cryptoschool”, “Trading” and “The Territory of DASH” sections. In the last section, there are articles about DASH for the Russian-speaking community. As far as the statistics of the site’s traffic is concerned, soin Maythe number of site visitors was around 15,000. People from 107 countries of the world visit our website, but the main visitors are from the Russian-speaking community (Russia - 63.5%, Ukraine - 14%, Belarus - 7%).

Social networks:

Vkontakte.ru - 2200 subscribers
Official group DASH VK - 1600 subscribers
Facebook - 860 subscribers
Facebook Dash Russia - 460 subscribers
Twitter - 447 subscribers
Telegram - 1050 subscribers
Crypto Trading Club - 5100
Dash-Ru Telegram - 3900
Новости Dash на русском - 478
Instagram - 224 subscribers
YouTube channel - 800 subscribers

The general audience is 17100 people.

3. Mass media of the CIS countries.

In the second part of the budget proposal we actively worked with the mass media of the CIS countries. The Representative of DASH in the CIS countries was an expert at MinskTV (Only in Russian).

More than 20 articles and interviews about DASH were published on various information portals of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.

Who can confirm our activity?

We are always in touch with the DASH WATCH team, and here you can look at our latest report https://dashwatch.org/files/1530054736870.pdf

Alexei Gusev (Alex_ru) is the person who became an example for us. He takes part in many events that we hold or participate in.

All Russian DASH activists (Maxim Popov, Elena Besedina, etc.), who took part in the conference in Minsk.

Robert Wyensko is the product manager of DASH Core, who our team helped at the conference in Moscow to present DASH to the participants and guests of the conference.

What are we planning to do in August-October?

1. Participation of “The Territory of DASH” team in 3 conferences in the CIS countries:

ー Payment of sponsorship packages and participation in the conference ー 17 DASH,
ー Development and printing of promotional materials (booklets, magnets, bags, pens, etc.) ー 5 DASH,
ー Video reports, photo reports, articles about participation in media ー 2 DASH,
ー Travel, accommodation, meals, wages (for 5 people) ー 5 DASH.
ーInstallation of 600 wallets and draw of prizes from DASH ー3 DASH

Total: 32 DASH / per month

2. Information portal RuCrypto.com

- Unique users per month - 30.000 people
- Subscribers on social networks - 10,000 people
- Articles ー 900
- Articles about DASH ー 100
- Translations from Alex_ruー not limited
- Materials preparation for Russian-language social networks of DASH, assistance to Alexei Gusev with such social networks as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Vkontakte.

TOTAL: 16 DASH / per month

3. RuCrypto YOUTUBE-channel:

- Cryptonews with the commercial "What is DASH?"ー 24 videos
- Weekly “DASH News” in Russian and English - 12 videos
- Cryptoschoolー 24 videos
- Reports on DASH participation in conferences and other events ー 3 videos
- Subscribers ー 3000 people

TOTAL: 12 DASH / per month

4. Lectures at the universities of Belarus and Russia, speeches and presentationsaddressed to students of business-schools about DASH and its advantages as a payment tool.

TOTAL: 2 DASH / per month

5. Monthly E-mail dissemination of information on DASH news to the conferences participants of the CIS countries (10,000 people).

TOTAL: 3 DASH / per month

6. Compensation for the budget proposal submitting.

TOTAL: 2 DASH / per month

Thus, we expect interaction with 100,000 people from various sources per month.

The total cost of the project – 67 DASH

Dear DASH-community, please leave your comments about the work we have already done, and support our budget proposal. We are waiting for your comments and will answer all your questions.

Vote for our budget offer for dashcentral
Thanks for the pre-proposal, as you can likely already see, the budget is going to be a mess this month and probably for the next several months until the market recovers. You've done and continue to do great work, so don't let any lapse in your funding suggest otherwise to anyone. Hopefully we'll have enough room in the budget for great projects like yours moving forward.