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BTC working on Privacy ?...>>

Just him not BTC, unless he is a Bitcoin core developer (no).

Don't sweat it...it will take them years to figure out how to implement it...by then we will have InstantX and God knows what other awesome things eduffield concocts.

Bitcoin is like an ocean-liner, and Darkcoin is a speed boat, who do you think will innovate faster?
ahhhh let me think
Ocean liner == speedboat
hold on i am still thinking ...>>

(vertoe i said thinking regarding to boat with my German accent ... i know what you wanna post)
Darkcoin is way ahead of many (all?) coins in term of technology, what we lack now : a way to convert easily FIAT to DRK and darkcoin-exclusive services to increase the demand. I hope that the open sourcing will make them flourish.
CEX.IO just added
new trading pairs:
DRK/USD, DRK/BTC, DRK/LTC and they are looking into DRK /Euro next ...>>