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Block# 764165 Conflicts between Block Explorers


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While researching a missing miner payout we noticed a discrepancy between the two Block Explorers;
  1. DASH Block Explorer operated by DASH.ORG
  2. DASH Blockchain Explorer operated by CryptoID
If you take a look at the following screenshots you will see that the information these two explorers are showing are different for this Block. Our question is - Which one is correct?

DASH.ORG Explorer


CryptoID Explorer


Notice the difference in the HASH and also if you look at the details for the Block they are vastly different.

We stumbled upon this issue while looking at a missing payout for miner = XfmVro7ggnoqWzpfQPjJFaMrq1B14cbVS8. The DASH.ORG block explorer shows that this miner should have received a payout for this block in the amount of 0.00315762.

However, on the CryptoID block explorer this payment does not show.

The payment was never received by the miner. Hence, we are leaning towards the CryptoID Block Explorer reflecting the actual truth for this Block...

But , this opens up questions...
  • Why do these two block explorers show differing data?
  • Which block explorer is correct?
  • Who can resolve this issue or help explain it better?

Thanks in Advance