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WTS Bitmain accounts with Antminer D3 15GH/S November batch preorders

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Hello Dash forum community!
I made few accounts on Bitmain and got lucky with Antminer D3 15GH/S 21-30 November batch unpaid preorders.

Order price: $1450
Order shipping price (via DHL): $79.53
Order payment method: wired bank transaction (you have time until October 14 to make the payment)
Order quantities: from 1x up to 10x per account

PSU is not included (you can still preorder the APW3++ from the Bitmain website yourself).
I can change the account information (mail and password) and shipping address to your provided information (yes, there is a way to do it, spent some time to find it out myself, can't share the method).

I gave up on buying the devices myself (instead decided to invest the money into buying bitcoin miners from Bitmain).
Therefore, I'm selling these accounts for somewhat symbolic fee.
I was able to sell few already on Ebay, but got my account terminated since they don't allow selling of accounts in such a context : (
Unfortunately I am a new user here which might raise some concerns with reliability, that's why I encourage any users who contact me or are willing to buy from me to share their experiences and start a discussion in this thread.
Feel free to contact me over email or via private messages (if you really have to, I won't be checking my PM so often) for additional info or if interested in buying!

Some screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/4a1Gz

Contact: [email protected]
Price: $79.99 each
Payment: Paypal

Peace out!
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