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Bitcoin sent from electrum ERROR-please help


New member
i am running electrum 2.6.1 and i recently sent a payment from my wallet to another location. It was left on unconfirmed for 48Hrs and then confirmed. Over 600blocks confirmed now.
The payment was never revived on the other side and still says "unconfirmed"
Later on my electrum wallet had the bitcoin released back to my original wallet. So i increased the transaction fee to 150% dynamic and sent the bitcoin once again. This payment is now sitting on unconfirmed for 24hrs. When i click on it in block explorer it says transaction not found. To make it even weirder the wallet i was moving it to now had both transactions pending and therefor 2x the bitcoin i have pending.

ANY help will be appreciated
remember this here is DASH not Bitcoin ;)

what does it say on blockchain ? (both not found ??)
"2x the bitcoin i have pending" - restart wallet and the 1st will probably disappear