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Bitcoin Dark


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Is doing well currently priced above 0.01

Short mining period then pos. Which immediately puts me off.

From the Bitcointalk ANN:
"Development of features are now well underway( https://github.com/jl777/libjl777) by the core BTCD developer jl777 (James) and will include the following:

*Teleport Technology
*BTCD Core included NXT features (MGW, Asset Exchange, InstantDEX, Privatebet)
*Collaborative Cryptocurrency Supernetwork
*Turing Complete Scripting in C
*Dividends in BTC for BTCD Holders
*Anonymous BTCD Debit Cards for Fiat Withdrawal

For more information about each feature, please continue reading below

Anonymous teleporting of funds occurs off the blockchain but is verified using the blockchain - utilizing the benefits of a public record without leaking any personal information. BitcoinDark uses an implementation of the Teleport idea to enable trustless private transactions; teleport transmits funds via telepods by transporters. All information needed to spend funds is included in the telepod and sent via the encrypted network to the destination - the telepods are then cloned and passed around to ensure that commerce can be conducted in private.

The above is made possible because all BTCD nodes automatically become a privacyServer: the optimal decentralized solution to the problem of information leakage. The privacyServer sends the encrypted data to the destination - bouncing between jump servers making it impossible to track. This unique system makes BTCD a secure option for private and corporate use."

Say what? Can anyone explain this?
1: *Teleport Technology
2: *Turing Complete Scripting in C

Say what? Can anyone explain this?

Without reading all the details (because of 2:, see below) Teleport seems to be the basic Masternode idea applied to every single client.

But I stopped after reading "Turing Complete Scripting in C".

Scripting in transactions is VERY dangerous (just read a bit on how limited Bitcoin scripting is to avoid vulnerabilities, see https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Script), so offering a Turing-Complete script language will be the death of this coin.
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This gets an 9 out of 10 in bullshit bingo scale and the code is even worse. I don't know much about C code development but that guy gives a shit about lots style guidelines, commit messages are horrible, nearly no comment, several hundred lines of code are removed just with comments, includes in the middle of header files. This http://httpd.apache.org/dev/styleguide.html gives a hint of what he is violating... Oooh, and he has no unit Tests. The only thing that coin is good for is an example for bad code and therefore is good for flushing money down the drain.
Teleport seems to be the basic Masternode idea applied to every single client.

i had a long talk with james (JL777) and the basic concept is to offer anon for other coins, and they are being held in escrow 2-2 keys, where escrow holder holds 1 key, and a "telepod?!" has the other one, now, this "telepod?!" can be traded on bitcoin dark and who ever wants to cash in on the escrowed coin, which can be bitcoins, darkcoins etc, can then redeem it.

so the basic concept is to use that to hide other coins, which of course works outside of that coins blockchain, and you cannot follow who owns that coin in the said blockchain, how it hides it on bitcoin darks blockchain, im not sure of yet..

I dont know if it is going to make the coin anonymous totally, ro only partially for a dedicated investigator, that i will need to see in working condition..

the idea is neat, and workable, but tricky.. i can think of trsut issues in between the sender of the pod, and the reciever of the pod, but again, i need to see a working version to conclude anything
erm so coins to pod/escrow escrow/pod to buyer?

pod is off blockchain?


Like you say would have to see it working.
Sounds like a good idea but difficult to make practical. You'd only be able to buy amounts/currency available in pods.

Would be a method for people to convert bitcoin to darkcoin without using an exchange.. but seems a little convoluted.

So at this point.. it's interesting hot air. Being pumped stratospherically..

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Seems it was having it's DRK coin moment for the last few days when there was a big rise. Though it never went nearly as high. I have a couple in reserve just in case.