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Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC) and Dash


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It seems to me anyone that likes Bitcoin Cash would love Dash. On features alone, with InstantSend and PrivateSend, Dash is clearly superior. I'm curious to hear from the community if there are there reasonable, logical people out there that prefer BCH over Dash, and if so, why. Is the FUD really that strong, or do they dislike the governance model? Are there good reasons for remaining with BCH over Dash?
When talking to strangers, it's a little easier to say "bitcoin cash" in passing. But given the current state of affairs, their lack of governance is exactly why dash is better. Having said that, if they did add masternodes, watch out, I'm sure the price would rocket!

It's not just governance though. The masternode collateral is providing a genuine security feature i.e. preventing a malicious actor from spinning up thousands of fake nodes.
I have had this debate with a few BCH fans, and they all cling on to this ignorant idea that Masternode block rewards are a tax/theft from miners.

This is a very frustrating argument to have because no matter how its explained, even including in the explanation that master nodes put in work and infrastructure they keep up this ignorance.

This entire space is divided into rediculous tribes loyal to their coin until the bitter end.
BCH hard heads are old BTC maximalists who didn't see the cracks early.
BTC holders are more often than not brand new to this space and have little understanding or care for use case applications for Digital Currency; they only want financial gain.
I think the treasury could be a net liability for Dash if we get less out of it than we are putting into it. This is obviously complicated by the way we are currently using it, as we do not know if the bets we are making will pay off or to what degree. If the treasury is a net leak of value, then that could be an argument for BCH as it does not have such a leak. Bitcoin Cash shares the same original vision for cryptocurrency that Satoshi had, in my view just as much as Dash does. I do believe that the treasury is used for valuable development and marketing. It's just the net value that is in question for me and I suspect others.
I do believe that a rather simple change in the way we use the treasury would make it less wasteful and risky, but "simple" and "easy" are two different adjectives. It's also not the question you asked so I will leave it there. I don't want to veer off topic too much.
well, I hold a sizable amount of both DASH and BCH. Dash is technologically superior, but Bitcoin Cash just has a
bigger community.

The question is: will technology prevail? or larger community? If you look at audio codecs, then MP3 prevails, while superior audio codecs do exist, like Ogg Vorbis and Opus Audio. Why? Because MP3 was *the first*, while also *good enough*.

BTC is not good enough, but Bitcoin Cash *is* good enough and is a direct descendant of Bitcoin.
Therefore I recommend to my friends to buy both.
If you speak about Bitmain, then it holds 312k DASH out of 8304k DASH in existence, or 3.8% total outstanding.
And 1M Bitcash is not such a big deal for a billion dollar corporation.

maybe Dash is more decentralized, maybe less.

It’s very difficult to compare, because we don’t know how many people manage those 4940 Masternodes that are on the network. Maybe it’s only a 100 people. Same is true for large Bitcoin mining farms, managed by a few, running ASICs.
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Yes, their Dash holdings are also scary! But compared to 5.9% of all BCH,... Dash feels safer.
For a B$ corp it may not be a big deal, but for a 17M coin currency it is.