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Bitcoin address changes when in click send


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Hi, i recently made iv made 2 transactions with electrum, the first one i was making a transaction to a friend and I put in the amount I wanted to send and clicked send not realizing it was changing the amount to send to my whole wallet. Also he didn't receive it I didn't see it was changing the address until the 2nd transaction(when I looked at the output address) where i was transferring to coinbase and again I put what i wanted to send and again it changed to my whole wallet I clicked send anyway but never received it. So I have no idea what is going on or who has my money, I need that money for Bill's can someone explain why electrum is changing the amount in want to send and the address I'm sending it too.
Is electrum scamming me and is there anything I can do as I really need that money, I'm not rich so I can't afford to lose money like that plus i still owe my friend money how can I stop electrum automatically changing my send address and how much I send it's really stressing me out
What electrum are you using and where did you get it?

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