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best CPU miner for Linux and Intel CPUs

Dark Leaf

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What is the best CPU miner for Linux and Intel CPUs (modern i5 with AVX)?

Please point me to the source or binaries for Linux (I use Ubuntu, but think whether I should switch). There seem to be several versions of software called 'cpuminer', which is the best?
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I tried, but there's a lot of different CPUs, not a lot of data points, and nearly everyone is not on Linux anyway.
Thanks for trying to help!
Also, I made a typo (fixed it); I was interested in CPU mining in this thread. I asked about GPU specifically in another one and 1) yet to receive a reply 2) failed to compile drivers on Ubuntu (asked ccminer author how he managed to).
Meanwhile, I wanted to try out CPU mining, just to see anything working at last; hopefully it will be easier to set up.