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ATTENTION !! Time to withdraw from Bitfinex


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After Bitfinex hack, it's shields were down -- it became a fractional reserve crypto-currency bank.

BTC price difference reached $50:

Bitfinex is smelling more and more like MtGox:

As a Bitcoin veteran since 2013, and a Dash user now, I recommend all of Dash Nation to withdraw crypto-coins immediately from Bitfinex. I have seen Mt.Gox collapse myself and lost 0.15 BTC back then in 2014. Better safe than sorry. You'we been warned.

Bitcoin investors lost over $500 million dollars back then.

I have 10 years of experience in traditional stock markets, and 4 years of experience in Bitcoin (crypto) markets. Basically the Free Market tells us that there is a 5% chance of Finex collapse soon. I believe, from my 10-years of experience, that chance is much higher, around 30%.

USDT tokens are obligations of tether, and suffer the same bfx problem as they are the same parent company. USDT tokens are centralized, and can collapse, too.

My Popcorn is ready. You should prepare your popcorn, too, or pampers, depending on your financial position.

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They didn't rebuke anything. The ONLY way to rebuke such claims is to give a top 4 auditor a chance to give a public independent audit of their balance.