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Asic miner

Hello everybody. I have a software company and I want to invest in asic miner, I need someone I can hire to explain step by step how I do the whole process and how much I spend to profit from this investment.
Also keep in mind the blockrewards of mineable coins will diminish over time (for some coins like Bitcoin every 5 years, for others on different time intervals), and since you are in the Dash forum i will assume you are interested in setting up an X11 ASIC miner that can mine Dash.

Two things to consider, specifically with Dash :

1 : Dash blockrewards get cut -7.1% on a yearly basis to combat supply inflation.
2 : Dash has a reallocation schedule with its blockrewards that in 2025 will bring the blockrewards split between miners and masternodes to 40 / 60
See : https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/updated-mn-miner-reallocation-schedule.51453/

You can use this mining calculator and these X11 ASIC miners to calculate your possible profit margins, which mostly depends on your costs (of both the hardware and your electricity usage) .

See : www.minerstat.com/hardware/asics?algo=X11

Looks like if your electricity costs exceeds 0.16 USD / kWh, you would be mining at a loss today with the strongest X11 ASIC miner (Bitmain Antminer D7), according to this mining calculator.

You can also use Bitmain's mining calculator, which seems to put the profit margins as of today at around 0.22 USD / kWh with a Bitmain Antminer D7, before getting unprofitable to mine.

See : https://shop.bitmain.com/product/calculator (click X11)

Which one is correct ? I have no idea. Although Bitmain is a manufacturer of ASIC miners, so i tend to put more faith in their mining calculator.
You first need to make sure which one is correct, as it directly affect your profit margin.
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