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another dashmnb feature request...


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(venv3) [email protected]:~/dashmnb$  python bin/dashmnb.py
usage: dashmnb.py [-h] [-c] [-s] [-a] [-b] [-y] [-n] [-f] [-q] [-l] [-m] [-x]
                  [-w] [-o] [-k]
                  [mnalias[s] or a proposal_hash [mnalias[s] or a
                  proposal_hash ...]]

positional arguments:
  mnalias[s] or a proposal_hash

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c, --check           check masternode config
  -s, --status          show masternode status
  -a, --anounce         anounce missing masternodes
  -b, --balance         show masternodes balance
  -y, --voteyes         vote Yes to a proposal using all mns
  -n, --voteno          vote No to a proposal using all mns
  -f, --voteabstain     vote Abstain to a proposal using all mns
  -q, --votequery       get vote status on a proposal by all mns
  -l, --showall         show all configured masternodes
  -m, --maketx          make signed raw tx
  -x, --xfer            broadcast signed raw tx
  -w, --whale           do not ask yes or no, all yes
  -o, --badge           Sign message for Masternode Owner/Operator badge
  -k, --skip            skip version and explorer checking
  -t, --tor             route all external traffic through (torify -a -s -x -y -n -f, etc...)

    version  : 0.6.1
    caller   : <module>
    function : parse_args
    ===> print help

(venv3) [email protected]:~/dashmnb$

...because you like money. :p