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[ANN][ICO][ZEUS] ⚡️ ZEUS - First EcoMining ⚡️


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ZEUS EcoCryptoMining - first building waste processing plant project which also generates electricity from waste products and uses it for mining in the world.


Every person living on the planet "produces" about 300 kg or 1.5 m[sup]3[/sup] of waste per year. In the EU countries, about 2 billion tons of garbage per year are formed, of which about 200 million tons are household waste. Lands under dumps remain toxic for 50-100 years. In recent decades humanity has realized - either humankind wins out garbage, or garbage destroys humanity.


ZEUS – the first company that offers an innovative approachin the field of garbage waste recycling.

The most effective way to reduce the amount of garbage is to recycle it at waste processing factories. The effect of the activity of such factories is undeniable - 70-80% of the waste received by the factory receives a second life, and when burning garbage, electricity is produced, which will always be in demand in the modern world.

The main difference of the company is the recycling of garbage into electricity, which is used for mining cryptocurrencies, thus contributing to the development of world’s crypto economy and decentralized systems. Thermal energy produced by mining and processing, as well as other by-products of the recycling are used by the Government to serve the needs of the population.

The mission of our project – by cleansing the planet from garbage,

develop the crypto economy.

Pre-ICOstart: 25.10.2017

end: 25.11.2017

ICO start: 15.12.2017

end: 25.01.2018