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P2Pool [ANN]drk.p2poolmining.us running RC4


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Darkcoin P2Pool Hosted via Digital Ocean in New York
* format of the announcement copied from scorpio18's announcement because it is very clear and well written.

address: stratum+tcp://drk.p2poolmining.us:7903 (or http://drk.p2poolmining.us:7903)
Username: Your Darkcoin wallet address
Passoword: Does not matter, anything!

Status p2pool:
Node Information: Running Darkcoin RC4 version 9.12.29, fee: 1% fee.

How to connect
First of all NO registration required. Payouts occur automatically as new blocks are found.

All you need to mine here is a Darkcoin address. Setup your mining software with these parameters:

SERVER: stratum+tcp://drk.p2poolmining.us:7903 (or http://drk.p2poolmining.us:7903)
PORT: 7903
USERNAME: Your Darkcoin wallet address

DO NOT use an exchange deposit address as a username as it may not receive payments correctly. Use an address from a wallet you own!

For more details, such as example commands for cpuminer, ccminer and sgminer, share difficulty adjustment and calculation tutorial, please refer to this excellent post by scorpio18 (his/her p2pool node announcement).
Our pool has been updated and is running RC4 v 9.12.31.

Come mine with us... Lots of great stuff coming out including more detailed mining stats and updated web site!