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Android wallet - problem with PIN


New member
I have not used my android wallet for a while and today I have discovered that it was protected by a PIN. i transferred the keys to another mobile but again it was asking for the PIN. I do not remember setting the PIN and I tried all the PINs that I remembered but with no effect. Can someone assist me with htis?

Many thanks
The only solution I can think of is to restore an older backup file, before the PIN was added. Otherwise, the other solution is to keep guessing.

Once the PIN is added, then the Private Keys in the Wallet are encrypted based on the PIN code that is setup. Without the PIN code with an encrypted wallet, no coins can be spent, since the Private Keys are encrypted. It sounds like you tried to make a backup of the wallet after the PIN code was set. The archived wallet file contains the PIN-encrypted Keys, just as the original wallet that the app uses.