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Amanda with PMBC: Update Thread


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Hi, all!

I'd like to create this thread to keep you updated on my publicity proposal's progress.

(Each time I make a monthly proposal for continuation of funding, I intend to include a video that gives a full recap of the prior month's activities. But I know some investors appreciate more frequent updates, so I'm happy to give them here.)

Steps taken during the two weeks since this proposal was funded:

1. Creation of Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for myself, which includes headshot, bio, DASH logo, and DASH boilerplate

2. Creation of "thought leadership" portfolio, in which my staff curates my views and educational abilities on various topics to have on hand for when relevant opportunities arise within their media network

3. Submission of commentary to one large publication, as well as submission of "byline" (that is, article written by myself) to another -- currently waiting to hear back from both regarding whether they'll move from "interested" to "will publish"

4. Weekly phone calls between myself and my staff (four staffers for the first three months, then two staffers thereafter) to review opportunities and curate bylines to be "shopped" to their media network

5. Creation of Medium account in which I'll likely publish future "thought pieces"​

PMBC has determined that I'm best pitched as one of two roles, depending on the opportunity: a layperson-friendly educator on the workings of cryptocurrency, and/or a "thought leader" with technology/industry-related opinions. The title we'll be using for me in all publications is "spokesperson for DASH."

As I mentioned in my initial proposal video, PMBC made it clear from the start that not much should be expected within the first three months as one builds one's "media resume." But considering the reach of two of the publications who are currently considering my submissions, I'd say PMBC is exceeding this expectation.

I hope to have viewable results for you as soon as possible, and am working diligently to produce them -- that is, I'm combing cryptocurrency and DASH-specific headlines and issues five days per week, looking for unique commentary and/or educational angles I can send to PMBC for possible shopping to their media contacts.

Thanks for reading, and please ask me any questions you may still have below.

-- Amanda
I appreciate the update too. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Dash gets almost no mention in the various blogs/vlogs and crypto articles. It's all BTC, ETH, LTC, Monero, IOTA, etc. And, by the way, along those lines, when I talk aboot it myself I always make sure to mention that Dash is essentially BTC 2.0. LTC is more efficient fork from BTC, and Dash is faster, more fungible and more developable fork from LTC, and it copies anything worthwhile that comes along in the BTC code base. Since most people have only ever heard of BTC, it makes marketing sense to me to make sure and use that name so they know it is BTC but better.
I know it's not directly apart of the proposal but I think it would be helpful to do a round of interviews with many of the youtube channels we all know... if its not already in the works. They have all expanded their audiences quite significantly.
Appreciate the update! And you've been doing so much more behind-the-scenes that wasn't even included in your summary. You're a gem.

Your drive to provide updates and ensure transparency can only make the practice more universal in the Dash treasury system from two fronts: others with funded proposals will see the necessity to do so and masternode owners will see the value to expect it.

Thanks for the update. I think you are perfect for this role. I look forward to watching videos online (I don't have a TV). Where will these be posted?

Hi, Kain. That's a really good point you bring up that I'd not considered before -- that is, if/when I'm eventually able to land a television interview (fingers crossed, eh?!), will it be viewable elsewhere? Unless there are weird copyright issues around it, I think that the clip of my appearance should absolutely be ripped and then uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Does this seem good to you? If so, thanks for the idea, and I'll run with it whenever possible.
Yes! Thought leadership will be an incredibly powerful strategy here.

If I could give you my .0002 dash, thought leadership will be most effective by looking at the macro trends of the entire crypto space, formulating unique perspectives that will generate a great deal of sharing, and not over focusing on dash.

There are not many easily identifiable thought leaders in the crypto space. Your articles will be shared far and wide by us dash loyalists.

YouTube is great. If possible it would also be great to have a single page with links to media or transcripts. Not absolutely necessary but would be a bonus from my end. Thanks!
What if the next two years are like the last two years? *except you invest $100/mo (or choose your digestible amount) in DASH...

Also...Where's the Crypto quick-start guide? Nobody wants to read 20 pages before getting started...and a list of 30 exchanges is like Barry Schwartz's blue jeans... people need 2-3 options and a quick overview of how to compare those options.

My two duffs ; )
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I have a very positive feeling about this proposal. I'm certain it will work, and you are going to get a lot of mainstream media TV appearances. You are perfect for this role. Thanks for the update so far.
Hi, all.

I've just put in a proposal for January funding.

Correspondingly, December's updates are in this video, which includes new information about my cooperation with Wachsman PR and Ogilvy & Mather:

Hope to receive your 'yes' votes, masternode owners. Thanks!

Vote YES manually:
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Vote NO manually:
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