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ALL ABOUT DASH *Update*_01

Note: From February 25 until March 13 our Facebook manager was disabled by the platform. After opening a ticket and explaining the nature of the fan page, we got the account back. This was a set back for us but now are back on track.

*Update 01 (Feb.12.2018)
Hello Everyone!

As promised in our proposal, today, Feb.12.2018 we launched our first video on the Fb and Yt platforms. So far, the campaigns are running despite the changes on Fb policies towards Cryptos. It is now a matter of monitoring the performance of the campaigns.

Special Thanks:
We would like to give special thanks to @Jahlexis Tafari Lugo and @DimitarCV from the Dash CCs team. They have been key to this project by providing their knowledge and experience for the creation of the content presented in the videos.

Funds Tracking:
Here you will find a link to our shared spreadsheet where all the expenses are uploaded for better funds tracking.

Facebook Fanpage

Youtube Channel

Video Samples:

*Update 02 (March.09.2018) Real-time Budget Tracking Here
  • Our team is traveling to Guadalajara, Mexico next April 2018 to attend the Talent Land conference. We will be promoting Dash and our project among the attendees of the conference. For that purpose, we are designating 1 Dash out of our marketing budget to cover some expenses. You can learn more about the talent land conference HERE. We will be reporting on this as well.
*Update 02.1
  • We did it! Thanks to the support from Core, Dash Force, Dash Global, and our team. We made a huge impact to an estimate of 30,000 people. We even made our way to the Blockchain stage to talk about our project and the way Dash works. Check out the Recap Video.

*Update 03 (March.23.2018) Real-time Budget tracking Here

*Update 04 (April.12.2018)
Real-time Budget tracking Here
  • These are the numbers on the platform from Feb.12th until April.12th :
  • 680,000...Impacts on screen.
  • 300,000...People reached.
  • 95,800.....People interacted with our adds.
  • 160,000...Interactions with adds (This includes likes, shares, and comments).
  • 2,600.......Reactions (Likes or Dislikes on publications).
  • 750..........Shares.
  • 5,200.......Followers (Organic and through paid adds).
  • 4,000.......100% video reproductions.
  • 14,000.....25% video reproductions.
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