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Africa Dash Network is a nonprofit educational and promotional organization dedicated to championing the ideas, understanding and usability of Dash Digital Cash across the African continent.


Being engaged in Dash promotion for about two years now, holding several meetups, conferences and media discussions on Dash Digital Cash in Ghana, Nigeria and beyond, during these events, I have met several enthusiastic and intelligent young men and women of Africa with brilliant ideas to get Dash to everyone within the African continent and to make Africa a financial sovereign continent. Most of these ideas and strategies never got executed because these young men and women either lack the 5 Dash proposal fee to get their ideas bought into by the Dash community and possibly funded, 1 Dash for Dashboost or lack the credibility to access support from Dash force meetup funds. This is because one cannot be sure if these guys have good knowledge about Dash and good promotional strategies. Most of the funding require to support these brilliant ideas are often not much for these young men and women to risk a loan for proposal fee and their understanding of the technology is often in doubt with no certainty of their ability to put these ideas into reality should they be funded. Africa Dash Network is set to offer rigorous online training to these individuals through our Dash Leadership Academy (DLA) and to provide grants to get these ideas executed for the growth of the Dash African community at large. The organization shall make sure a person accessing these grants opportunity is certified with our online Dash Leadership training program for a month and have good knowledge of the coin and its technology. These young men and women shall graduate from Africa Dash Network Leadership Training to serve as Dash leaders in their countries and communities who will bring others into dash community and onto our Leadership Training portal. Graduates who perform remarkably for Dash in their countries and communities shall qualify for grants to attend our Annual African Dash Conferences held from country to country (Once a year in a selected country within the continent).


The Dash Leadership Academy Training shall be done online featuring full time courses with resources from existing dash literature and by renowned Dash fellows selected from the Dash community, we intend to work closely with Dash Force in this regards and students who undertake these courses shall complete weekly assignments to test their understanding of the topics: Successful students shall be awarded 3 credit hours per course.

Lastly, the academy shall also feature webinars where students across Africa can participate and interact with Dash “gurus”, each webinar shall be recorded and can be replayed by any student at any time. A student who successfully takes part in a webinar shall be awarded 1 credit hour.

NOTE THAT: A person is qualified and certified by Africa Dash Network to promote Dash in his/her region, country or state only after obtaining a total of 9 credit hours.


African Dash Network shall not receive funding from any government or its agency or any other cryptocurrency community other than Dash Digital Cash since its founding. The organization will rely solely on voluntary gifts (donations) from the Dash Digital Cash community and funding from the Dash treasury when necessary.


The team for Africa Dash Network will be fully listed very soon, however, the organization is headed by Cryptolib and shall institute an advisory board comprising of well-known members of the Dash community across glob.


1. End of year Dash conferences: Annual conferences held on the 31st November of every year across Africa. The conference is to bring together Dash users, investors/businesses, newbies and the media to discuss Dash and its opportunities to ending African economic woes such as corruption, unemployment etc. the conferences shall feature testimonials documentaries and lessons on understanding dash, its features and opportunities.

2. Dash under 40 awards: An award scheme designed for African youth entrepreneurs in Dash; this is to encourage startups around Dash and existing ventures to operate around the coin. This scheme is open to all African youth and shall be held once every year from country to country across the continent, however all qualifiers within the continent shall be eligible to participate in the scheme regardless of where it is held.

3. Dash excellence awards: This award scheme is for all holders of Dash Digital cash in the African continent. It is designed to award best three volume traders and holders of dash in each country within the continent. This shall be done once a year to encourage merchant adoption of Dash and speculation within the continent.

4. African women for Dash: This is an empowerment program, designed to educate women across Africa (both in rural areas and urban) about dash and its opportunities for financial breakthrough. Women in Africa are mostly breadwinners of households especially in highly impoverished zones. This program is to train women to take up opportunities in dash; trade and to engage in transactions through dash for savings on transactions. This training will be held every month from community to community.

5. Dash Leadership Academy: A monthly online training portal for Africans who want to promote Dash in their countries and communities. They shall signup for serious training for a period of five weeks within which they shall learn and complete assignments on topics of Dash Digital Cash. Assignments shall be marked and graded base on the understanding of trainees and qualifiers shall be graduated every month with an upper hand to access funding from Africa Dash Network to undertake projects within their communities.


Students Oriented Grants: This grant scheme is for only student events that promote Dash within the African continent. Applications shall be received and reviewed every month and programs with high ROI selected. Note that this grant is about 200USD to 1,000USD in Dash.

Dash Projects/Other Grants: This is designed for request for viable and realistic project request. This opportunity is open to all Africans and shall provide funding UP TO to 5000 USD in Dash per project.


To make Dash the first mainstream cryptocurrency in Africa, enhancing African economic growth and improving upon the living standards of its citizens through Dash Digital Cash.


To engage the African “Cheetah Generation” (youth), intellectuals, media, women and rural folks in understanding, promoting and exploring opportunities around Dash Digital Cash for economic freedom and financial sovereignty in Africa.


We do not intend to source huge funding from the Dash treasury however, we estimate about 20 Dash to fully setup and office and continue hosting of our site. OUR funding henceforth shall go 80% purely donations and 20% treasury by escrow. This is to ensure that the community can make decisions regarding our operations and can discontinue our activities if the community ever feels dissatisfied by either defunding us through the escrow or stopping to donate.

PLEASE NOTE: Our website, Africadashnetwork.org is commencing construction and shall be fully running in a week or two before we put this to DC. By then, our team shall be fully listed with all necessary details meanwhile; we will love to gather feedback from you as much as possible since this is a long term institution we want to build.


As a nonprofit largely depending on donations, we shall do well to communicate with our donors regarding usage of their funds quarterly. We are also adapting the DashDirect donor model setting up paywalls for donations to specific purposes/items therefore allowing donors the choice of what he/she is donating for.

We shall collate and submit comprehensive reports from reports received by the organization from our Dash advocates across Africa. This shall be done every 6 weeks with updates on our website (phot0graphs, videos and media links)
Hello, for transparency and reporting, where would the nonprofit be registered?