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A little help of understanding


New member
I am a newbies who tries to understand Private Send.

Suppose that mr X has Dash and that mr Y knows he has it.
Mr X anonymizes them by 3 jump in the masternotes.

Later mr Y wants to find the address of mr X and check one by checking the blockchain. He notices that Mr X's address appears in the old transactions alongside the other addresses, so he is not sure that the address belongs to Mr X, but there is a probability that it belongs to him.

Dash does not make it completely anonymous. For example, if Mr. Y goes back to the address on several transactions that occurred in Mr. X's area, and he sees that his address appears next to other addresses supposed to make him anonymous, he will know that this address belongs to him .

I would like to know if I understood the system Private Send
If so, I read on some post that Private Send was totally anonymous, but I feel it makes rather than an address to have 1 / (n leap in masternote) chances of belonging to us.

So Dash does not make it totally anonymous? I hope you understand me, thank you for your answers.