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A Dash brand ATM in downtown Lyon (70 Dash)

@thesavoyard Another month has passed so how is it looking now?

Very good, we are just waiting on the final word on the location. I don't want to reveal too much until it is a sure thing but it will be a very good partnership. Access to premium locations in multiple cities. Met with our law firm this morning, not all 100% finished but we're changing to an LLC and placing multiple machines. ETA is September though, due to legal research.
So a bit of bad-ish news. We've been in negotiations with Unibail Rodamco to place machines in their shopping centers. They own some of the biggest ones in Europe. They used to be a Dutch company but their headquarters are in Paris now. We had some very good people pitching for us but the directors are still skittish on cryptos. They said the attitude in France isn't ready yet, the director also wants more time to see what France and the EU do with crytpos in the coming months. They said they would re-evaluate the proposal in January.

So doing what's best for us and for Dash, we're focusing on placing our first two machines in the Netherlands. We are still trying to go through Unibail Rodamco since they have plenty of shopping centers there, but the liaison is in Paris so there's a good chance they will have the same opinion. In order for us to have the best chance possible come January, we need to have ATMs established and running. So we will be focusing our efforts on finding premium locations in the Amsterdam area. This was discussed with the Masternode holders during the proposal process, if Lyon and Paris didn't work out, we would move to Amsterdam next. Lyon and Paris will still happen, but having a Dash ATM in Amsterdam will be better for us and Dash. We can work on conquering France shortly after!