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Understanding the barriers to entry allows us to create better systems.
Quadriplegics make bad gymnasts.

What can the sport of gymnastics do to "be more inclusive" of people who have no arms or legs?

The best part of stupidity and/or ignorance is that you can get rid of it any time you want.

You can't grow arms or legs.

Viewing a mental shortcoming as a permanent handicap is the realm of the lazy who refuse to improve themselves.

this reveals that there really is no such thing as stupidity. Only laziness so severe that it can't be asked to think.

You can sit on your fat ass on the sofa, drooling, and have a thought. It's the easiest thing in the world... If that's too much to ask... Life is gonna suck.

It's not everyone else's fault.

It's not DASH's responsibility to reach down to those who refuse to reach up. Some things simply have to be (L)earned.

You don't hear any retarded people complaining that Math is unfair and should make itself easier for them... Why is it that the legitimately retarded are smarter than the supposedly higher-IQ people in the center of the bell curve?

"I don't have to figure it out, I'll just find a bunch of other lazy people to form a mob and make demands."

The Laws of Nature don't give a damn what your demands are. No one can bend them for you even if they're fool enough to try (such people will end up paying a price for their fully-informed arrogance, and it's usually even worse). Such demands will always go unanswered. The people making such demands will then blame anyone who speaks the truth of it, and declare it to be discrimination of some kind. For which they're half correct. Nature is exceptionally discriminatory; against stupid people.
The Laws of Nature don't give a damn what your demands are. No one can bend them for you even if they're fool enough to try (such people will end up paying a price for their fully-informed arrogance, and it's usually even worse).
I'm going to quote myself to un-nest the concern I have for DASH.

DASH seems to be utterly obsessed with reaching down.

There are some people who, once they make demands, if you're fool enough to agree to those demands, they just take it as time to make more demands. These people are there simply to manipulate you. See how much they can get you to do for them. It's just a game to screw with you. See if you're dumb enough to keep taking orders. It's the ultimate in childishness. Literally. Kids scream and cry to get their way, and if you're dumb enough to fall for it, the kid trains you, and gets worse and worse and worse... Usually, there's external peer pressure from other people who just want you to make the kid shut up. The brat is using this peer pressure, too. they understand getting others to their cause. Pain compliance doesn't take much to understand, and kids are masters of it. These other parties are fine with "appease if necessary," because bad parenting isn't their problem. They won't have to live with a kid that's been shown that bad behavior gets results. The kid is the narcissist, the random people in public are the flying monkeys.

DASH seems to keep letting bad behavior guide them to appease more and more demands with no results for DASH, from people who have no good faith interest in DASH.

I hate to throw stones at the Venezuela projects because of the rather large effort being made there. But! It's appeasement. You have to bait people to install the wallet with free stuff. Do they actually use it Look at the useless metrics of how many times the wallet is downloaded. That doesn't mean they're doing anything with it... I hate so see so much work go into pushing wet spaghetti up a hill with your nose... As long as this is spender-centric, and fails to be vendor-centric, the loop isn't closed and it's wasted time and effort. There are a lot of very enthusiastic people who are going to burn out, and I don't want to see that happen. Pushing the public to adopt something when there currently exists nothing to adopt... Would you spend advertising money to promote a product that doesn't exist?

DASH is not a whole solution. The coding end of things is going well, but the integration and bizdev end doesn't seem to be backing it up. At all. Where's your in-house people at NCR? Where's your in-house people at Walmart? Like inside sales, but you make them money instead of cost it. You get paid by your own organization, but you're inside their company to better understand what they need. Make DASH work for them. Seriously, NCR, do it. IBM is still heavy into POS, too. And worse, they could kick DASH's ass if they wanted... Just invent their own damn thing.

It's like an amusement park with no entrance. Only the people who built it are riding the rides...
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It's like an amusement park with no entrance. Only the people who built it are riding the rides...
Or, in this analogy, giving away admission tickets, intending to entice spectators to get tokens so they can ride on the roller coaster.

Some of these park participants like it so much that they tell two friends, etc. A few see the rides and say, meh, and leave the park. Some ride until they throw up and can't take it any more (capitulation?). And some stay and help improve the park, try to expand it. One ride doesn't get a lot of use, scrap it, build something better. We could go on and on with the analogies, so I will.

Crypto is a poker game, it's a gamble. Will we play our cards right? I think so, but not without folding bad hands or losing a few good hands in the game.
Cypto is a poker game
If Crypto is a game of poker (For me, it's not. I'm not here for the Tulips), then DASH (the coders) dealt itself 4 aces, (the rest of the staff) stood up on the table, took off all its clothes, and began telling everyone they deserve to die for being cis gendered white males while massaging cookie dough and super glue into it's hair until the cops came and dragged them away...

Yay analogies...


Hey, look. The first step to mandated State crypto. You think Maduro is going to tolerate competition?

How log until DASH is named a threat to national sovereignty, and anyone who uses it is a traitor?

Do the people working hard in Venezuela want to take bets?

Hmm... Seems like my analogy isn't far off...
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So just to reiterate moocowmoo has still failed to return my hosting fee for the stolen masternode. He failed to reply to my 5 emails before I got tricked by discord impersonator.
Being the 27th of January moocow has still not replied to me or returned my hosting fee. Secondly dashforce news promised to cover the incident but failed to reply to my messages on discord. So to working arms of the network have failed too do what they had promised. This was deleted by Tao of Satoshi sighting it was a violation of forum rules.
The last two posts above this one essentially prove that this is a completely fake troll thread designed to scare the clueless.
I've had two full masternodes taken from me by a hacker, granted this was before the treasury existed. Should I get my 2000 dash also?