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No one prefers presenting a proposition, which as of now costs ~$20, and afterward have it neglect to pass - losing your 5 DASH until the end of time. I accept this strategy does without a doubt debilitate spammers however it likewise disheartens genuine givers that might've misinterpreted their proposition. Individuals get insulted on the off chance that you vote against their recommendations. Discounting the insurance that it took to present a proposition will mollify that blow.

We should utilize a similar idea we use for Masternode security. It should cost 1000 to present a proposition which is then discounted once the recommendations leaves the line - or, tight clamp versa, the proposition leaves the line when the 1000 is moved?

This idea can make a totally different activity segment in the biological system of Dash since it will allow speculators to "lease" out their 1000 to contractual workers/advertisers that need to submit proposition to the Dash arrange. Along these lines, somebody with 1000 scramble can pick between two occupations: make income by running a masternode or by submitting recommendations on-carry on of an outsider (or yourself).

This opens up Dash to the non-geeks which don't comprehend the complexities of running a masternode.

Only something worth mulling over. What do all you dashers think?
Not open for further replies.