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3k difficulty and 6k+ volume


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is anyone else watching whats going on right now with the volume on DRK? Miners are moving in droves but theres way too much volume than would warrant even this price increase.

Anybody wondering whats up? I mean i like...but dang.
Manipulation. People who actually know how markets work, psychologically, are working the crypto-geeks, who don't.
Insane rise, no corrections...

Not that there's not actual value in DRK in the long run, but this is just craziness.
I must disagree....
I guess this race happens because of two factors:

1st - Achivment of 1000DRK for masternodes
2nd - People are tired of scrypt because they can do #hit with LTC/BTC basead prices... and also cant sell the gpu's. Drk coin (x11) is an execellent opportunity to return the investemnt.

Long life for Dark and i hope it can get over LTC and damn chinos with asics stupid warehouses...
I'll tell you why I bought them and feel it was a smart move. Because Darkcoin is superior to Bitcoin. It answers the needs of the current primary users of Bitcoin (black market) better than Bitcoin does, and it has a more rational production curve than Bitcoin does. This is a perfectly free market, with no regulators picking favorites, so it seems to me essentially inevitable that, at this early stage of the e-currency game, a manifestly superior system will beat out the others.

Who knows how long it will be until ordinary people start making the switch in order to defeat their condition of abject enslavement by the state, but when they do, between a currency that has a built-in anonymity feature and one that doesn't, the former wins. It is the right horse to back.