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3days Accra Blockchain Conference organised by Accra Tech


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Hi Dash-Nation

I have received an invitation to speak at the Accra Blockchain Conference coming on the 11th January 2018 till 13th January 2018.
This conference had been in existence since 2015 and this the first year for Dash Ambassador will speak at this conference.
The conference seems to got alot of attention because about 7 Sub Sahara Countries will be present and also 6 Crypto community with 5 local exchanges will also showcase and speak at the conference.

It is a great opportunity to be a DASH Ambassador and I need to brand Dash Digital Cash well for more adoption and acceptance.

Estimated Cost is about 1Dash.
Transportation 3*60= 180dollars
Accommodation 3*70= 210dollars
Dash give out to newbies 100*5 = 500dollars
Organiser tips 200dollars
Miscellaneous 80dollars

Total -1,170 dollars equivalent 1Dash

Please Donate to cover our Expenses.

Dash Wallet: XfC8yDAb5HvvW4QM9rjZHQ6146vvoKgyQ2

Strategy and Benefits
This event will get newbies downloading Dash wallet and adoption of the Blockchain technology.

Local exchanges will inculcate Dash Cryptocurrency to their business

Business men and women present will be enlightened and would accept Dash as means of payment.

It will generally add value to Dash and the community as a whole.

Event link and Images



Who I Am.

I'm Abdullah Adeleke affectionately called Marketer. Am a Nigerian but a permanent resident in Ghana West Africa. I'm a sales promoter/marketer for Ultimatex Electronics West Africa and also an online affiliate marker indacoin, and affiliatefix.com. Currently the team leader for Dash-hub Africa, a team advocating and integrating Dash Digital Cash into Africa and it's Sub region.

Thank you.
Great opportunity, Abdullah
I sent .25 Dash to help fund this presentation.
I hope you get good event coverage of photos and video to add to your portfolio of contributions for Dash!
This will certainly help your chances of getting funding for proposals in the future.
Great opportunity, Abdullah
I sent .25 Dash to help fund this presentation.
I hope you get good event coverage of photos and video to add to your portfolio of contributions for Dash!
This will certainly help your chances of getting funding for proposals in the future.
Thank you sir, I believe I will perform this duty as expected of me. To improve my investment in DASH and also add more value to DASH.
Thanks once again.
Incoming also. Looking forward to hearing how it goes, Go Dash
Hey Dash Nation

Accra Blockchain Conference underway at Accra Luxury Lodge East Legon Accra.
5 speakers presented Today on the topic IMPACT OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY ON THE AFRICA ECONOMY.
I got my presentation short and straight forward.

I divided the impact of Blockchain into 4 group Individual, Businesses, Household and Government. And then got DASH as my driving tool. The Day 1 event recorded 57 participants and more to come tomorrow as the theme to be discussed is CRYPTOCURRENCIES, WALLETS and EXCHANGES

After the discussion section, I go 43 participants downloaded Dash Wallet and install Inclusive with the organiser of the event who is the owner of ACCRA LUXURY LODGE.
He is a Netherland based and he actually got into Crypto space in 2011. I approached him to discuss DASH and he got involved immediately.
He also told me that "my friend am going to start accepting Cryptocurrency as a means of payment here because my Accountant got alot of difficulty in transferring money to me when am in the Netherlands"

I felt so much amazed as he showed passion for DASH . I called @zambang my mate working on DASH FOR BUSINESS ADOPTION IN AFRICA and he is going to fly into Accra tomorrow dawn to meet this man and see how best he can be setup for accepting Dash in his Organization.

In a nutshell Day 1 was great 43downloaded Dash Wallet out of 57participants. +1 Business adoption tomorrow Is another day. It's the ACCRA BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE ACCRA GHANA

Hi Dash Nation.
It was another day of the 3days Accra Blockchain Conference. Yesterday was great and we got alot of exciting people adopting Dash.
We had a Lunch at the Accra Luxury Restaurant were we recorded 52participants and in the evening was discussion about CRYPTOCURRENCIES WALLETS AND EXCHANGES with about 67participants and 4 crypto community present. I had 97 adopter's and They downloaded their wallet and but I was not able to tip everyone.
Today is the D day and a final discussion of Blockchain Conference in Accra.

I am short of Dash and wish some community member could donate to the Organiser of this event to show gratitude's.

Thanks to @Abdul kudus Mutaru for joining us and discussing Dash for the Business recording alot of Dash eusthastic people adopting and ready to accept Dash for their business.

Making Dash going is the passion.


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Comprehensive Report on the Accra Blockchain Conference.

AccraTechMeetup Blockchain Conference which was organised from 11th January 2018 to 13th January 2018. It was held at the Accra Luxury Lodge Adjigonor East Legon Accra.

Day 1: The theme was "The Impacts of Blockchain Technology on Africa Economy". I discussed with participants how Blockchain and DASH Cryptocurrency can positively have impact on Individual, Household, Businesses and Government. The programme recorded 57attendees and 43newbies downloaded DASH Wallet + 1business adoption (Accra Luxury Lodge).

Day 2: CRYPTOCURRENCIES WALLETS AND EXCHANGES was the theme for the day. In the afternoon, we had Lunch talk at Accra Luxury Restaurant and in the evening, was DASH vs BITCOIN. 121 attendees and 97 newbies got involved in DASH plus 2 business (Coco Vanilla Accra, Kevin Coffeehouse East Legon) adopting DASH.

Day 3: The D day was about "How to make Money From Blockchain and Cryptocurrency". The discussion was short, I spoke about how to make money from HODl, Accepting DASH as mode of payment for one business and setting an outlet that sell and buy DASH Cryptocurrency. 27 newbies downloaded DASH Wallet and I tipped them all. 7 new Ambassadors from Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Nigeria willing to promote DASH at their localities will be trained by Dash-hub Africa.
Also, participants bought Snacks and Refreshment with DASH Digital Cash at Accra Luxury Lodge Restaurant.

In conclusion, Accra Blockchain Conference has finally ended and I had 161 participants getting involved into DASH and then others couldn't due to Mobile phone issue but promised to get involved. 3 Business adopted Dash (Accra Luxury Lodge,Coco Vanilla,Kevin Coffeehouse East Legon). Also, 7 new Ambassadors for DASH. All participants who downloaded the DASH wallet were tipped with 5dollars each.

Thanks to @djcrypto @JZA @tungfa @ewok @strophy for making this happen and for everyone, we say may God richly bless you all.

For more photos follow us on our channel Facebook and Twitter page. http://www.facebook.com/dashafrica

Twitter https://twitter.com/DashhubAfrica?s=17