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i don't believe in gawminers, but i do believe in making money. And in that regard, they have a solid plan.

I'm going to mine the shit out of hashcoin. And then i'm going to dump the shit out of hashcoin. And then i'm going to buy more darkcoin.

Also, i'm looking forward to selling all my miners at over twice the price i paid for them. I bought hundreds of hashlets at $16 a piece. And now they're selling for over $40 a piece.
How much trust can you put into people you don't know with your money? That's the question.

Im with Lord Of The Internet on the mind set of making money. However, I am a little at ease when they did the google hangout Q&A and by at ease I mean I have a picture/video to show whomever is involved.
I'll give them one thing, they are trying to bring in non techy people with plug and mine stuff. I've never used Gaw equipment before so I can't speak first hand but it looks expensive for hash rate/$ ratio but I only looked on their site for a minute just too see why their miners looked like DVD players.