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25% Drop In 6 Days and No One Cares!

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So, Dash is down from ~$200 to ~$150 and there hasn't been a thread from anyone crying about the drop.

Has the Dash community gotten over short term fluctuations and are only concerned about correct governance on the path to mass adoption?

The number of masternodes seems relatively stable so it seems Dash hoarders like myself are still holding. Do you think the current volatility is just institutional investors doing what they do?
All cryptos fell a lot in the last few days. It's normal and it's far from the first time that this kind of thing happened. They will bounce back.
Falling prices shouldn't scare you if 1) the dash community is intact and 2) you have confidence in the project. Falling prices are just part of the cycle. They will always go up and down.
And right now the price go back up and adjust to the prices that were previously.
However, the most important thing is not high prices, the important thing is to believe in the project and see how DASH can be an alternative within our economy.
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