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Hope you guys will find agreement out of court (which I think is nonsense)...

These things are only harming the community strength.
This is why I'm leaving the community. What a joke.

I m not maybe an active member on forums, but I am checking it every few days from 2014.
I will say only that I understand how you reacted, and to be frank with you, I think I would react the same way you did.

Try to find solution with new potential owners, and if your cost is 1000 usd.. I support you to get this money.

Also no need to leave community, dash is much more then forum talks...

I don't understand what the issue is here... Newjerry owns the Dashpaymagazine.com website... On face value it looks like an arbitrary demand was made for him to hand his assets and IP relating to dashpaymagazine.com over to another party? Or have I misread the situation?

NewJerry - can we get a bit of context as to what was discussed between you, Bill and Elisha prior to the below email to you:

"We are looking to transfer the domain into his name, transfer site files and database to a server he owns. Please advise as to when you can provide time for him so we can get this done. Thank you."

Context is VERY important...

Your post on here is for the purposes raising awareness of an issue to the community? Assuming this is the case then clarification about the above would help a lot of us greatly in trying to understand a) what has occurred, and b) offer assistance in helping to clear this situation up for the good of everybody involved.


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Walter, he threatened to bring this to the community and how it would negatively affect me along with my future legal proceedings. I don't respond well to threats. If he wants to involve the community I'll freely give the information. Thank you though for the unbiased view.

So what you are saying is that Bill and Elisha have demanded that you hand over your assets and intellectual property relating to dashpaymagazine? Why?

I'm assuming that they are your assets?

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Look I didn't want it to play out like this. You should have talked to me about wanting to take it all over if that was what you wanted instead of sending your friend who I do not know and try to take everything.

If you want I can post you screenshots of miners that we're supposed to come to me after the review,(from our conversations) the 300 profit from last month, the 120 or more the month before. If it was about the money I would have made issue long time ago. At least that's some of the information I get from a quick glance from email and whatsapp.

If you want to discuss this offline send me an email. Don't send other forum members with threats of legal action...

I brought this online to beat him doing it since it was one of his threats, your new business partner...