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P2Pool [0.9% Fee] [~100MH] p2dash.mupool.com Port 80 Mining


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Hey guys,

Heres our P2Pool: http://p2drk.mupool.com / http://p2dash.mupool.com

What the adventage to join MuPool.com?
  • Fast Support
  • DDOS-Protection
  • Proven Stability
  • Full Virtualized Enviroment
  • Port 80 Mining
  • Low Fees
  • Fast updates of coind (Were really interested in a stable network!)
  • Own written Monitoring Software for high uptime
All you have to to is point your Miner on p2drk.mupool.com Port 3333/80 and user your Walletaddress as Username, thats it !
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I mine at this pool for about half an year and mined different coins.
Now i switched to Darkcoin and scratchy makes this very easy!
In the forum of mupool you can find the getting started and it is ultimate easy to use :)


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Our current overall hashrate p2pool+pplns is about 150 MH/sek.

Thanks for your trust in our Pool ! :)


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Long time no news..
Nothing new just updates: We running since days on 101724
Just to inform you :).

Anyone is here using my Pool / P2Pool?


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Don't know if you're still updating this or if you've lost interest in the pool, but if you're still maintaining it you need to adjust the landing page or send emails out to the old MPOS users that have recently migrated to the p2p node.

They're signing in to the p2p node with the MPOS user names & passwords, so won't be receiving any payouts at this time.


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Updated Software to 17
- added a banning system for bad behaving users.
- added monitoring for auto restarts in case of failure
- upgraded for more resources


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I can't join the pool with my CPU miner.
What is the adress and port for dash : "stratum+tcp://p2drk.mupool.com:3333" ?

Edit : that's ok, it's runing :).
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