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My name is Ronald Arreaza, I am an electrical engineer graduated in Venezuela.

Since July 2017, I have been a disruptive technologies entrepreneur and innovator, as 3D Printings, cryptocurrencies and drone racer. I love to fly drones and the freedom that its brings. Also, I consider that the cryptocurrency world should be adopted massively. In my opinion , I love Dash versatility as a coin.

I am the founder of Aratechnology, a startup focused on the development and implementation of disruptive technology.

We believe in technology as a way of a better quality of life.

We don’t know if the cryptocurrency will be established in time, but if I need to choose, I prefer to live in a cryptocurrency world.
Jul 13, 1990 (Age: 33)
Caracas, Venezuela


Ronald José Arreaza Hernández
COO & FOUNDER of ARAtechnology

Check our ongoing projects by ARAtechnology:
-HuitPro - Freelance Services Marketplace based on a Dash payment method



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