Episode That Has No Name Because It’s An Experiment (Whaddya Think?)

Let’s try something a little new and different this week, shall we?

Hi, I’m Amanda B. Johnson and you’re watching DASH: Detailed.

This week saw two Dash mentions in mainstream publications. First was at VentureBeat where the startup accelerator HackerUnit placed an article describing their various blockchain-oriented startup companies. Among them Cryptobuyer. Cryptobuyer is a Venezuela-based exchange which sells Bitcoin and Dash.
Second was an interview in Forbes where Node40 founder and member of the Dash core team Perry Wood in told interviewer Peter J. Riley that he believes that Bitcoins price is likely in a bubble. And what’s more, that he believes that if any cryptocurrency is to succeed his bet is on Dash.

Moving on to Network Updates. Today’s masternode count is a 4,212. And in addition to that, exactly 500 full nodes are reachable which are not masternodes, which brings the total networks full load count to 4,712. Today’s hashrate is clocking in at 1.61 tera hashes per second, down slightly from a recent all-time high of 1.78 tera hashes per second.

And the Dash to US dollar price is vacillating between ten dollars and ten dollars thirty cents, making today’s total market cap between 70 and 73 million dollars with just under seven million coins inexistence. And finally, there are 14 proposals up for vote by Dash’s masternodes. At this time eight of them have passed the threshold
to be funded while six have not. And as the payout is in 13 days, there are roughly 12 days left to get votes in. Next in Social Happenings.

Redditor Hillscent recently posted on r/Dashpay that he has shifted his holdings of formerly 100% Bitcoin to 75% Bitcoin and 25% Dash. What’s more, Hillscent called
himself out as a former Bitcoin maximalist and said that in his estimation there are likely other maximalists coming ’round to Dash, or at least being willing to look at it. The post received much love and rejoicing as you can imagine. Secondly, longtime community member Tao, or Tao Of Satoshi, has launched a campaign to target
people specifically affected by the various wars on cash around the world. He’s done so by rebranding his YouTube channel as Cash Alternative TV and correspondingly changing his Twitter handle to @CashAlternative.

Next in Business Integrations, the decentralized online marketplace OpenBazarre has just added the ShapeShift button — affectionately dubbed the Shifty button — to its marketplace. This means that any digital token supported by ShapeShift — Dash included of course — is now more easily spendable on the store.Now of course all tokens spent through the ShapeShift button are converted to Bitcoin by ShapeShift, so there’s no telling how high the transaction fees or processing times will be for Bitcoin, but it does make it a little easier to spend Dash nonetheless.

And secondly, the crypto news outlet Bitcoinist.com is set to add a new price feed to the top of their menu. And the three unlikely — or perhaps likely — candidates set to take those spots are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and yes Dash.

Next are Development Updates. Lead developer of Dash Evolution Andy Freer chimed in with this: We’re basically moving from prototyping to final alpha development starting in January. This got delayed as some of us are helping on 12.1, integrations, Dash.org, etc. but currently preparing the project plans / specifications for the final bits. So next month we will have all of the designs finalized and know exactly what the Alpha features are and so can answer questions better. We’ve alread
y built a lot of it but January is really when we start to produce the final version and should be able to have a steady stream of updates / things to show lead
ing from there.

Second update comes from core team member Coingun who kindly shared with me just what it was that took the Dash.org website offline the weekend of December 11th. Coingun reports that it was actually a double whammy situation in that first, an ICANN verification email was being sent to an email address that was no longer regularly checked.

That stopped DNS services for a time but even when the verification email was found and respondedto, it was then discovered that the VPS provider hosting Dash.org had
not been paid recently. All told the website finally got back online on Monday, December 12th and Coingun candidly admits that it was all rather embarrassing and
that lessons have indeed been learned.

And finally in Current Opportunities, the treasury proposal DashForce is in full swing. This means that should you come across any article or video which mentions Dash which has not been posted about yet, you can get tipped for finding it.

In addition people can also get tipped for leaving comments on said articles and videos. So to find out what’s been submitted recently and what the current bounties available are, just visit the “dashforce_tips” channel in the Dash Nation Slack.

Thats it for DASH: Detailed this week.

Dash Governance System – Dash Core Team Response

Note: the purpose to this article is to provide an official response and clarification to the report “Dash Governance System: Analysis and Suggestions for Improvement” published by “The Veritas Team” – Dmytro Kaidalov, Andrii Nastenko, Oleksiy Shevtsov, Mariia Rodinko, Lyudmila Kovalchuk, and Roman Oliynykov on https://iohk.io/research/library/#NSJ554WR


The document is also available for download under the following link: Dash Governance System – Dash Core Team Response.pdf

Writhing In Economic Turmoil, Venezuela Becomes Fertile Climate For Digital Currency DASH

Venezuelan digital asset brokerage Cryptobuyer adds Dash to satisfy huge crypto demand

NEW YORK, NY – August 24, 2016 – Cryptobuyer, a Caracas, Venezuela-based cryptocurrency brokerage, today announced that Dash, a rapidly growing digital currency, has joined Bitcoin to its platform due to soaring demand. One of the world’s most actively traded cryptocurrencies, Dash is now available for purchase and sale through Cryptobuyer, and will be used as a payment network to benefit thousands of people suffering from Venezuela’s failing national economy. The new alliance enables Venezuelans, through a compliant brokerage, to use Dash and Bitcoin for remittances, everyday transactions, top up cell phones, recharge debit cards and make coin sales away from other currencies.

CEO of Cryptobuyer Jorge Farias said: “Cryptobuyer is a cryptocurrency and digital assets connector for companies and individuals that brings a range of services that will improve Venezuelans’ financial liberty. Our partnership with Dash is valuable, especially for customers using unstable fiat currencies, and the perfect example can be found in Venezuela right now. Alternatives for accessing money without traditional banks are gaining traction fast, and we are incredibly confident that Dash will flourish in this economy. From a phone credit recharge for a friend to the payment of credit cards and TV subscriptions, Cryptobuyer makes Bitcoin and Dash a reality in daily life and keeps offering incredible financial benefits without the need for a bank account.”

Venezuela is a country that has seen major cryptocurrency adoption in the wake of triple-digit inflation, capital controls, devaluation, and critical goods shortages. The national currency of Venezuela, the Bolivar, has dropped against the USD by nearly 40% in a year.

Dash VP of Business Development Daniel Diaz said: “With Venezuelans entrenched in political and economic turmoil, we simply wanted to give them another option to make life easier. Dash is stable, safe and holds its value extremely well. Cryptobuyer will help Dash take a step towards offering real services to regular people that are not just digital currency investors, so it really opens the door for us to fulfill our vision of making a tangible difference in places where digital currencies can help the most. Dash is proud to support pioneering, driven Venezuelans like the Cryptobuyer team who are making a difference through entrepreneurship and technology.”

Dash is a decentralized form of digital cash that can be spent online and at merchants and service providers worldwide. Dash is currently the 7th most valued cryptocurrency worldwide, with a market cap of nearly $90 million. Dash is managed by a self-funded, self-governed organization comprised of over 15,000 users, moving well over a million dollars worth of currency across the network every 24 hours.

For Latin Americans with no access to a phone or a computer, Dash and Bitcoin will be accessible through a local partner of Cryptobuyer, TigoCTM, who provide convenient Crypto Teller Machines allowing immediate cash transactions and a unique and innovative remittance corridor. Since founding earlier this year, Cryptobuyer has accrued thousands of users in Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Chile and Colombia.

Cryptobuyer’s Legal Director & COO Mariana León Mármol added: “Cryptobuyer is the first platform in Venezuela that currently operates while fulfilling all KYC, AML and taxation obligations. It is a fundamental element of our services to preserve the origin of funds for investors, credit card users and remittance clients.”

Services like Western Union and Moneygram closed operations in Venezuela due to the exchange control regime enacted in 2005, leaving a huge necessity related to remittance and payments in foreign currencies unattended. Cryptobuyer today offers a solution using intellectual property assets to transfer value that can effectively serve such needs within the Venezuelan legal framework.


Cryptobuyer CEO Jorge Farias and Dash VP of Business Development Daniel Diaz are available for interview

About Dash:

Dash is an open-source project that delivers safe decentralized financial solutions. Dash is like digital cash, spent easily and instantly online and at merchants and service providers worldwide. One of the world’s most highly valued cryptocurrencies, Dash is managed by a self-funded, self-governed organization comprised of over 15,000 users, moving over a million dollars across the network every 24 hours. Transactions are verified by users running over 4000 master nodes across the world. Dash’s built-in governance and funding system allows projects to be proposed and voted on by the community, and if approved, paid for directly from the blockchain. Dash has many unique features including instant transfers, low fees, optional privacy and state-of-the-art security.

About Cryptobuyer:

Cryptobuyer is a cryptocurrency and digital assets brokerage built by a multidisciplinary team of young entrepreneurs determined to bring blockchain technology to Latin America. Cryptobuyer was founded in 2016 during the early stages of the Venezuelan financial crisis as a resource for thousands of unbanked and underbanked Latin Americans. Cryptobuyer users transfer and receive money from any corner of the world and can make payments in any currency safely.

Dash at Anarchapulco by Juan S. Galt

On Sunday February 21st Juan S. Galt, a well known researcher and content creator in the Bitcoin space, gave a talk about Dash at Anarchapulco 2016, the world’s first and largest international anarcho-capitalist conference. This in itself is something to remark, but the talk was also a first in terms of funding.

It has been the first time that the Dash blockchain has funded a talk by someone who is not part of the day to day contributors to Dash. This clearly shows the power of the decentralized blockchain governance system that Dash has in place. Anyone can propose something to the network and, if masternodes think it is worth doing, it will be funded. Unlike in other systems, there is no closed list of people or topics, it is up to the network to decide who deserves to be rewarded.

The talk focused on how Dash is a better form of money than Bitcoin thanks to its improved privacy, instant transactions and two tier network.

He also did some interviews that he will be publishing in his DisrupTek.Media Youtube channel in the next fews days.

Dash’s Incredible 2015 (And A Gaze Into The Crystal Ball’s 2016)

Crosspost from Dashtalk. Original post by Ryan Taylor, aka babygiraffe.

The passing of a year is a time of unusual rituals around the world, both to celebrate the arrival of the new year, and to predict what that year might entail. The Spanish eat 12 grapes at midnight – one for each month of the coming year. Sweet ones portend a great month while sour ones predict less favorable ones. The Danish have a propensity to leap from chairs at the stroke of midnight, though I’m guessing this doesn’t do much to predict fortune in the coming year, unless someone ends up in the emergency room. The Chinese go all out, celebrating for 10-15 days, though their new year occurs somewhere between mid-January and mid-February every year.

Despite all the differences around the world of when and how a new year is celebrated, almost all cultures seem to encourage taking stock of the year just past and making resolutions – or at least predictions – for the next one. As I take stock of this past year personally, it includes some good things and some bad things. The biggest change is that I got engaged and married to my best friend, so 2015 was clearly a great one – certainly one I will always remember. Dash was a big part of my 2015, too.

At times, it may have seemed that 2015 was “The Year Of The Troll” as we fought the urge to respond to an incessant organized campaign of misinformation. When you look past the noise, however, and look at our accomplishments and the market’s response, it is clear that 2015 was nothing short of incredible.

It’s worth recalling that Dash is very young for a top-ranked crypto-currency; Bitcoin is over 5 years older. Given where the Dash project is and what has been accomplished already, it is easy to forget that this is Dash’s very first full calendar year in existence. And yet, by almost any objective measure, Dash is doing amazingly well.

Price is certainly one objective way to measure our success. While we’ve repeatedly stated that price appreciation is not an explicit goal of the project, the team believes price appreciation will result from a well-executed strategy.

Dash finished 2014 at $1.91 vs. $3.31 at the end of 2015. Investors have made an astounding 73.3% return. Masternode operators have enjoyed additional rewards throughout the year for their efforts to support the network… Masternode operators that retain their Masternode payments easily achieved over 100% returns. These results compare favorably to Bitcoin’s 36.9% return for 2015.

In terms of market cap, the numbers are even more amazing. We have grown from $9.54 million to $20.18 million, or 111.5% due in part to the growth in the number of coins. Our market cap growth also compares favorably to Bitcoin’s 50.7% increase.

In terms of market cap ranking, we finished 2014 ranked as the #12 crypto-currency, below Dogecoin, Peercoin, Bitshares, Stellar, Nxt, MaidSafeCoin, Counterparty, and yes, even below Paycoin. Today, we have solidly secured the #5 position in the rankings, overtaking all of the previously mentioned coins.

So it appears that the market is beginning to value our achievements and market potential. When you take stock of the accomplishments the Dash community has delivered, it is understandable why. We have the most active and engaged community in crypto. Our community is filled to the brim with contributors helping in a myriad of ways as their time and talents permit, something you just don’t see to the same extent with other coins. There is a strong feeling of comradery, respect, ownership, and appreciation in this community that attracts professional, hard-working, passionate advocates to our project. In addition, there seems to be a real spirit that we are doing something special and transformative that has the potential to literally change the world and people’s lives for the better.

So just what has the community achieved this year? Like I said earlier, it’s truly amazing. There are so many incredible accomplishments, that I am forced to abandon prose in favor of a long bulleted list (that kot compiled… thank you kot!). Even at that, I am certain that many things have been missed, large and small. However, it is worth highlighting some of our key accomplishments.

We had our first Dash-themed music video, which I have to admit, was not hard on the eyes. But, as much as you might have enjoyed that video, we are not all about marketing hype around here. We actually deliver innovation and are building out an amazing ecosystem surrounding ground-breaking technology, so I suppose I should highlight those things as well.

First, we extended the use of our second network tier to perform more than simply mixing services. In February, we added InstantX, which allows instant confirmation of transactions, the first solution of its kind in the crypto space. In the same release, we migrated all of our code base to branch from Bitcoin instead of Litecoin. This allowed us to incorporate many recent improvements incorporated into Bitcoin. In March, we changed our brand from Darkcoin to Dash, which helped better position us for the mass market and align or brand with the broader capabilities we bring to the market besides anonymity. In May, we released the first ever voting by blockchain solution, which enabled yes / no voting on questions posed to the community. I believe the first vote was on whether that famous dress was black and blue, or white and gold. Clearly, the dress was white and gold. In August, we released the broadest set of changes ever deployed in a single release, consisting of some 21,000 new lines of code. It included decentralized governance and a budgeting system, yet another set of firsts in crypto… and that, it seems, has changed everything.

The core team and community are now as empowered as ever. No longer is Dash beholden to the whims (and undue influence) of benefactors to try an idea. Anyone can submit a proposal, receive funding, and implement an idea if they can convince the community of its value. Plus, Masternode owners can more freely support good ideas, because they know that everyone else will be sharing in the burden of funding an initiative right along with them, rather than riding their coattails.

As a result, starting in September, Dash has funded many amazing initiatives and truly accelerated its growth. We have purchased a new domain name, funded attendance at Bitcoin meetups and conferences, funded sponsorships, enabled a small salary for our developers and other contributors, engaged a public relations firm, and initiated integration with Lamassu ATMs to name but a few.

Looking at this longer list of achievements, I am truly in awe and thankful to the community.


1. Technical / Development

2. Marketing

  • Re-branded Darkcoin to Dash
  • New website coinciding with rebranding. More content, new design and multilingual (Chinese, Russian and Spanish)
  • dash.org domain purchase
  • Launched new website design project
  • Creation of “What is Dash?” video and translated it to 20 languages:


  • Presentation at Barcelona Bitcoin Meetup:



Presentation at Bitcoin Wednesday in Amsterdam:



  • Dash keynote in October and next two sessions in November and December
  • Dash as a sponsor of Bitcoin Wednesday
  • New contacts and relationships taken from the event


3. Business Development

  • Establishment of new relationships
    • Bitcoin Wednesday
    • LaBITConf relationship and participation in the conference
    • Koinbanx relationship established during conference in Mexico
    • North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami
    • Transform PR – they will support our PR and marketing efforts
  • Merchants and services

4. PR/Social media

  • Extended Social Media Pages:
    • 13 Pages (daily updates)
    • 4-5 Chat Groups (incl, Slack, Telegram, IRC,….)
  • China (as they can not access dash.org)
    • Banner Ads on 8btc
    • 8btc Community/ Wallet download page / Dash Section/ translations (100% News)
    • Extended Social Media (QQ Group’s)
    • www.dashpay.cn ready but not launched yet
  • Spain
    • Banner Ads
    • Translation / Publishing News / Giveaway
    • Extended Social Media (FB page)
  • Portugal
    • Banner Ads
    • Translation / Publishing News / Giveaway
    • Extended Social Media (FB page + Telegram Chat Group)
  • Russia
    • http://dash.org.ru
    • Translation / Publishing News / a lot of community PR
    • Extended Social Media (FB page)
  • Wiki + YouTube (Guides)
    • YouTube 502 subscribers, 56,132 views, 120 Videos (incl different languages + Subtitles)
    • Dash Wiki (99% up to date, incl Guides, Videos, Explanations, Help, Q n A,….)

5. Organizational

Kudos go out to the entire community. This list is truly awe-inspiring when you consider the amount of work that went into each of those accomplishments. The list of community members that deserve accolades this year would extend to pages, and I would truly struggle where to draw the line. You know who you are. I would be remiss if I didn’t specifically recognize the vision and commitment of the founder of our project, Evan Almighty. We are lucky to have a leader with as much vision and commitment as he brings to this project.

2015 was not without its challenges, however. The price sank to as low as $1.16 in January, which may have rattled a few believers. For those that have stuck with this project, it has been rewarding both monetarily and otherwise. Another challenge was the trolls, which weren’t all bad. They frequently bumped our BCT thread and provided endless entertainment for those of us that didn’t put them on ignore. We’ve also needed to focus on improving our deployment process for major releases, which has markedly improved already. Bitfinex dropping Dash was a disappointment. At the time, volumes were pretty low, so I can’t blame them for a tough business decision. Time will tell if it was a wise one.

As we turn our attention to 2016, we have many challenges ahead; many we can’t even predict. However, it is fair to say that we are as competitively positioned as any point in our history to continue dealing with our challenges, delivering on our strategy, and capturing market share.

To me, it is plainly obvious why. I don’t think any sane and knowledgeable person would argue that what Bitcoin needs right now – more than anything else – is more security. They already possess the equivalent computing power of over 100 Googles to secure their network. Meanwhile, I continue seeing headlines like “Bitcoin Foundation’s Days May Be Numbered”. Yet Bitcoin – and virtually every other coin out there – continues to explicitly allocate 100% of the network rewards toward that solitary purpose in the form of mining. Dash offers a differentiated solution to the crypto market, one that allocates the network’s resources more efficiently than any other coin, and has the governance in place to change that allocation as needed to address other needs, such as development, marketing, business development, legal, or any number of other priorities. We are currently 0.32% the market cap of Bitcoin, but I don’t see how we could stay there. Considering the sustainable competitive advantages we possess, and the differentiated solutions we offer end-users, I believe Dash will capture sizable markets serving use cases that our network is particularly well-suited to address.

I will stop short of making any specific predictions for 2016. Although the title above promises a crystal ball, alas I do not have one. To be fair, I have already made more of a prediction than Fernando did in Dash’s first birthday post from last January. It read, “…there is no telling what [Dash] will achieve by its 2nd Birthday”. Besides, predictions have a funny way of later making you look quite stupid.

Instead, I will end with my new year’s resolution, one that I do not intend to break. I am increasing my commitment to the Dash project. I will apply substantial time, skills, and resources towards its success in the coming year. I am starting my 2016 commitment with a self-funded trip to Miami, additional responsibilities on the core team, and purchasing another masternode. In a sense, I am also ending with a call to action… I hope to inspire many of you to also find at least one more way you can contribute. Find some additional time in your busy schedule, vote on the proposals, introduce Dash to people you meet, or start your first masternode. If we all made contributions large and small, what will we be saying at the end of 2016? What will the world be saying about us at the end of 2016? Time will tell.

Now go eat 12 grapes. I hope each one is the sweetest you’ve ever tasted. Happy New Year everyone!