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Equicex Integrates Dash Into Debit Cards and Exchange, Expands Spending Options and Liquidity

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Equicex Group, which offers regular and privacy-focused debit cards and an exchange, has decided to integrate Dash to greatly enhance the spending options of Dash users.

The Equicex Blue VISA Card is currently available for GBP, EUR and USD currency, but their CIO, David Miller, says they “will add more currencies depending on our users countries”. The card has various feesand limits based on the currency being used, but they are relatively low compared to other prepaid VISA cryptocurrency cards and their Virtual Card is even cheaper. David highlighted that “the normal Blue Visa Card is for the everyday user and in order to have higher withdrawal and transaction limits the user must be verified on our system”. Currently, this card is available in 95 countries.

Equicex also offers the Black Card, as a unique product which has no limits, and they do not require any kind of identification documents”, David continued explaining, “it is most …… Please read Full Article at:

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