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Work in DASH

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by VladimirK, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. VladimirK

    VladimirK New Member

    Nov 16, 2017
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    Hi community DASH! I have come to you with a trouble, I hope I will leave with pleasure
    I worked in the state organization 3 years for small salary, helped ordinary people and grandmothers much. As always the person of Putin has come, has disorganized the organization having dumped it on us and I was left without work, now because of it I can't find new...
    I want to replace cardinally the life, I want to earn money for the motorcycle, to see the world, to go about the own business.
    Here I have come to find work in community where at everyone the purpose to advance DASH. I have already made small works, have interviewed the acquaintances about DASH, but nobody ever heard about it...
    I have made picture cutting of the website "Dash is a digital cash", I have added the name of the website, today I have spent the last free $90 (5500 RUB) for printing of 2500 leaflets of the A5 format!!! (15x20), they will be ready next week I want to extend them in "the rich area".
    I haven't got used to beg, I have already begun to work! I want that people have learned more about "cash of DASH" that "bandits a Putin" were left without the banks, without money as it was made with me. I live in Moscow area, near Rublyovka, in 20 kilometers from Moscow, I think that I have a large audience here. I already have ideas as I will advance DASH through leaflets, to provide training on use of a purse, to create the video blog, involvement of cafe and other organizations for payment of their services. And in general the person in Moscow who will help on arrival from the taxi placement, exhibitions will be useful.

    At the moment in community is 4500+ masternode's, and the number of participants are even more. If everyone sends $5-10 or more in a month as DONATION (it is not collecting from owners masternode's or communities), then he won't grow poor, and I will be able to forget about work and to continue essentially to advance DASH in Moscow - Russia. I don't need the chief for $5-10 a month, but I am ready messages of photo video the report on in what I am engaged and to discuss the ideas.

    I have made many good deeds for people for 3 years of low-paid work and I hope to me now everything will return a boomerang.

    My Dash Core wallet
    Adress: XuhBXod8FEzUDDTk4gSGZyGNQz5gtJYi8u