When dash Masternode Operators become comfortably well off


Jan 29, 2017
As you know from the post in the pre-proposal section, I'm plotting and scheming to persuade We The People of these united States of America to purchase a one year budget supply (for their central government) worth of dash, operate masternodes, and vote on budget proposals. The following is the LaTeX source for the FAQ in a white paper which asks why we're proposing dash for the buy. Is it right?

\item[Question:] Why digital cash (dash)? Why not nano, with it's fast, scalable, zero fee DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) structure, or Monero with its fungibility? Why not something like the Hashgraph technology of the Hedera platform~\autocite{Khan:2019}, or any other of the hundreds of DALs in operation? Or why not the bitcoin DAL, which has the longest history and the most hash power, and thus presumably lowered risk?

\item[Answer:] In the long term, one or more of these innovative ledger networks may prove to have more value to users than the block chain technology of digital cash. In the near term, though, digital cash is a turnkey solution that is ready for widespread use. It is the least risky, and overall most sensible starting point for our new free money world. Hashgraph, or DAG, or Holochain DALs, might end up being the better choice later on, but so far they are in the prototype phase, and therefore too risky. Monero, and other DALs such as Zcash or Horizen (formerly Zencash), use a fungibility method that isn't optional, doesn't allow proof that all participants in the network ecosystem are being honest, plus it has been penetrated.


\item Digital cash (dash) is a software fork from BTC and its developers regularly update the code base with BTC improvements when appropriate. This gives it approximately the same risk level as the longest running DAL.

\item The digital cash network software is suitable for POS (Point Of Sale) transactions with approximately one second wait times, as well as a DAPI (Decentralised APPlication Interface), which allows for ease of integration into merchant accounting software.

\item The dash network software instantiates the world's longest lived DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation), which provides for governance by self interested parties. This is ideal for the political union of We The People of these united States of America, who are looking for an egalitarian governmental solution.

\item The dash development roadmap is proceeding to implement changes that will make it as easy to use as Paypal.

\item The network transactions are user selectable between private and public. Public transactions that can be traced through the blocks can be chosen for when needed, such as for real estate sales. Private transactions can be chosen by people who desire the privacy of cash. No bug bounty for penetrating a digital cash private transaction has yet been claimed.

\item The new feature called Chainlock, to be implemented in 2019, will prevent fifty one percent attacks.

\item We The People need our new entropy money to have all the features of the digital cash DAL, plus the extra feature which closes the feedback loop between our human financial world and our living biological world. The easiest, and most financially rewarding, way for Us to accomplish this end is to fork from a money we will already be using. If WTP purchase a one year budget supply of dash, and then adopt a new money which is a fork from legacy dash, we will own the same amount of units on the new fork as we did on the legacy fork at the time of forking. It will give Us, and us, a head start in the new monetary age.