Whats your "How I found out about Cryptocurrency" story?


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Dec 16, 2015
I am curious to hear how everyone stumbled into cryptos and what really made you a believer.

I have known about Bitcoin for a little over 3.5 years at this point, and am a supporter of the idea that a fully functioning crypto economy will require a multitude of coins and technologies to work as "properly" as our current financial system. I first found out about Bitcoin from a friend/co-worker of mine who had told me how he was selling a couple thousand coins back then and making like 10x his money because he was such an early adopter he had coins that were just super undervalued. Fast forward a year, I get into Litecoin because I can see the light in more than 1 crypto, I kept my eyes and ears open since then and have heard about Darkcoin and such but at the time I was focused on my first 2 currencies and I did as much reading and learning as I could take, made a good 400-600% of Bitcoin prices, but mostly missed the ride as my first coins were $160. Fast forward to 2 months ago when I really started digging into Dash and found all the new marketing material being put out, did a little digging and here I am now, a full blown Dash will overtake Bitcoin one day supporter.

Still don't believe one crypto will do everything, but one will operate exactly like Dash, and I feel oh so lucky to have found out about it before it was too late like back when I got into Bitcoin.

Wala. Word Vomit. Your turn.
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