What to post here and what to post in other parts of DashTalk


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May 9, 2014
This forum is intended to discuss things directly related with the foundation. We didn't want to start a separate forum because we didn't want to split the conversation. Discussion here is super interesting and we like things like they are. Please, if keep posting on the other parts of darkcointalk all you ideas about Darkcoin and post here about the foundation.

In the internal operations subforum we should discuss how the foundation works. In the actions and projects we should discuss what the foundation does directly.

Some examples:
-How the foundation should spend funds > here, in internal operations
-How to promote Darkcoin > general forum, even if you are gonna ask for some support from the foundation
-Some institution needs a legal entity to talk with and the foundation is needed for that > here, in actions and projects
-Super cool new feature > other threads in darkcointalk
-You want to get elected to the foundation board and then delete this post > here, in internal operations


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Apr 9, 2014
Tx for clarifying !