We Talk, Share, Create, Exchange, and Resolve: Decentralized Autonomous Society

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Apr 9, 2014
Decentralized autonomous society empowers individuals by rewarding innovation through sharing, distributed ownership, and abundance. By sharing innovative ideas, we can build a much better, fair, transparent, and innovative society that is based on group consensus, rather than a society enforced by rules and regulations.

For any society to operate on complete autonomy, it should have the following five major components - in other words, the five pillars - as its foundation. I would like to explore these components and provide a bird's-eye view of how a decentralized autonomous society can thrive.

  • Decentralized Communication - to talk
  • Decentralized Collaboration - to share ideas and designs
  • Decentralized Creation - to manifest goods and services
  • Decentralized Exchange - to barter goods, services, and resources
  • Decentralized Arbitration - to resolve conflicts
Decentralized Communication and Privacy
Establishing privacy in our communication channels is the first and foremost priority in order to be self-autonomous and free. Without private correspondence, we cannot strive to build a free autonomous society. Privacy enables an individual to be free as a self-autonomous entity, thus empowering the society as a whole to be self-autonomous........ https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/po...ange-resolve-decentralized-autonomous-society
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