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Aug 12, 2017

I've set up a dash core wallet. Totally new to wallets and trying to buy my first coins. Decided it's best to ask for advice here before doing anything. I've set up a pass phrase and made a back up after creating the pass phrase. Planning to get a hard wallet at some point but wanted to start out with a desktop wallet.

I'd like to know what coins i can buy for this dash core wallet. Is it only dash?

Also could i have some recommendations for the best places to buy coins for the wallet. My mobile phone doesn't accept text messages so can't use any site which requires text message verification. I'm based in the UK. Not sure if that makes a difference.



Mar 15, 2015
Hi @Allerious and welcome! Yes, Dash core wallet is only for storing Dash. Also, though I'm sure it doesn't need saying, do keep your encryption passphrase very safe, because without it you won't be able to retrieve your coins.

Options for buying Dash in the UK are very limited, unfortunately. But there are a few ways:

Bittylicious.com (my favourite for speed and convenience but the price is high);
wallofcoins.com (depends what sellers there are in your area)
Bisq - used to be Bitsquare, they're recently added Dash as a base trading pair. Unfortunately there isn't much liquidity yet but it's well worth checking out. Download the client at Bisq.io

Less direct ways would include buying Bitcoin first, somewhere like localbitcoins.com and converting them to Dash at Poloniex or Bittrex. Or if you have a Euro account, Kraken has a direct EUR/Dash trading paiir.

Good luck!
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