VPS service provider for your Masternode accepts Darkcoins now !!


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Apr 11, 2014
They are running out of Iceland and have servers also in Sweden and Romania.
Also really big on anonymity. This is a quote from theyr front page:

"FlokiNET offers safe, anonymous and stable services. We will protect your project and privacy. Our main goals are freedom of speech and the right to privacy and anonymity. We offer solutions for any kind of secure communication, data transport and anonymous publishing."

They are also running several TOR nodes ;)

Go cancel your amazon masternode VPS and sign up with FlokiNET and pay with your Darkcoins :eek:


They also accept BTC, LTC, AUR if you dont want to part with your DRK

There is not yet a Darkcoin logo on theyr frontpage but hopfully you will see it there soon.
If you want to sign up and pay with DRK just send them a email telling them that you want to do so [email protected] and Einar Jóhannsson will take care of you.
If you mention my name in the Email you might get some better deal ;)


Feb 27, 2014
Cool I might switch my vps once I earn some DRK from my master node, then I can keep it going with my earnings.