Venezuelan Society of FinTech and new technologies


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Oct 24, 2018
Good to all subscribers

I am new to this forum but I am writing to tell you that we have met in Venezuela some people involved in the blockchain and fintech community, and we have created the "Venezuelan Society of FinTech and new technologies" with an innovative system of governance for the management of its Board of Directors, the purpose of the association is to bring together all technology companies and technology enthusiasts to promote the use of these new technologies such as the DAO and Cryptomonedas with the base of Dash Evolution to promote its use and generate a networking among all, we ask for your collaboration for the birth and launch of this great Venezuelan initiative, for this we have created a proposal in Dash Boost to promote this initiative, they can collaborate by voting for the proposal or disseminating them in their social networks to have a greater scope, here you can get the link of the proposal and the creation document.


Invite the entire community to join and support this "Venezuelan Society of Technology and New Technologies"

They can follow us on social networks as you ve.FinTech (Instagram, twitter, Facebook)

Regards ._