The Trust Protector Plan to improve communications within the Dash community.


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Mar 15, 2017
One of the goals of the new batch of Trust Protectors is to improve communications with.....everybody.

There are several parts to this plan.

  1. Appoint one of the Trust Protectors as the dedicated Communications person. As it turns out, that's me. Hi, I'm Solarguy.
  1. A more visible presence on the forums. We will basically have a link to a "suggestion box" on all the forums. Probably a Google Form. Whatever you put in there will get read. As far as possible, we will respond where appropriate. So if you have ideas, constructive criticism, problems or anything else that is appropriate for consideration by the Trust Protectors, this will be the easy way, and the preferred method. The really good stuff will end up on the agenda for the next meeting of the TPs.
  1. For issues/problems/things that are important, urgent, critical, explosive, apocalyptic, etc that needs ATTENTION and RESOLUTION, we have a formal protocol to do that now. (Thanks Ash x 1,000!!!) We will be publishing the general outline and mechanics of that soon and are thinking about the best way to implement that process. It might be as simple as another google form, or as complex as a standalone website. Watch this space. This process will be better for Dash Core Group and better for the Masternode community and better for the larger Dash community. We're looking for a catchy name if you have a brilliant one. (How about the Ash Protocol? He worked hard on that thing! How about the Escalator Protocol?)
  1. Regular and timely reports from the Trust Protectors. Our legal documents specify quarterly reports, but I hope to do it much more frequently than that.