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Sep 2, 2017
Belgrade, Serbia
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My current and fifth proposal is about further promotion and adoption of Dash in Serbia and the Balkans. We want to achieve this through:

1) Startup Grind, one of the largest startup communities in the world, by sponsoring their events for three months with other partners such as Pepsi, Globaltel, and Google for Startups. We will also be representing Dash at the events.

2) Meetings: organizing meetings with interested parties to discuss potential collaboration in 2019 or integration of Dash within their services.

3) Research and Outreach: create a large database of blockchain investors, journalists, blogs etc. (a minimum of 1000 contacts) and create a pitch to promote Dash and try to secure more exposure. We will also deliver all lists to core team and other interested parties.

4) Support: continue offering our support to people interested in Dash in the Balkans.

5) Events and meetups (entering new market): we will hire one or two volunteers that will be visiting 2 events or meetups every month and representing Dash. We will start a slow expansion to events in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

6) Test a creative strategy: we want to test a new creative strategy by sending designed and personalized “Happy Holidays” letters about Dash to local CEOs (more details are included below).

Funds request: I am requesting 29 Dash a month for three months.

Who are you?

Nebojša Jović, a previous chapter director at Startup Grind, Head of Research at Yugonova, Ambassador at the Central European Startup Awards and Founder at Binfluence. I am also an active Dash community member and consider myself to be a Country Manager for Serbia at Dash. Thanks to your support, those who have been following my past proposals and updates know that Dash had a successful year in Serbia.

What about your previous proposals?

I have successfully completed four proposals for Dash community. You can find articles about them at Dash Force News website. My last proposal was escrowed by Dash core team. For the last proposal, I have requested $238,050 for development of the project and 5 Dash as reimbursement of the proposal fee. Due to price volatility, I have received: $90,804 (I have lost $147,246). Still, I managed to deliver majority of the proposal (beta version, Dash arena website, promotion to 200,000+ people, events etc.) with reduced scope. Some activities were obstructed, but we are in touch with Dash Watch team and we will be funding some of the activities from our own pocket until Dash price recovers and we are able to request some funding from Dash network, hopefully next year.

I have also organized a conference for Dash at the Hilton Hotel in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. It was organized in partnership with the Rotary e-Club D2483, United Nations Global Compact, and KPMG. The Ambassador of Sweden, H.E. Jan Lundin spoke at the conference and it was attended by over 70 various political, media and business leaders from companies and institutions such as the US Embassy, Embassy of Sweden, Ministry of Internal Affairs, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, United Nations Development Programme, GoDaddy, World Bank, Societe Generale Bank, Belgrade Bank Academy, UNICEF, PwC, Center for Investment and Finance, EBRD, WWF etc. Here is the official article with some pictures.

Who will be working with you?

Vedad Mešanović significant and diverse industry experience working with local and international organizations, as well as working for companies and startups as an advisor, sales and marketing representative, and business development officer. He is the managing partner at Yugonova, a blockchain company building a stable coin for the Balkans that won awards such as SEE-IT Summit Award. He is also a Chief Operating Officer and co-founder at GliaLab, an award-winning AI research lab developing data-driven solutions for the healthcare industry, that he co-founded with Abu Qader and Chris Mone, President of U.S. Markets at Wilmington Trust Wealth Advisory. GliaLab has been featured in major media around the world (e.g. Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Billboard and Adweek) and supported by companies like NVIDIA and Google. He also serves as a personal advisor to Zeeshan N. Ahmed, founder of Benchmark Pakistan and a business executive.

More about Startup Grind

Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting more than 1,500,000 entrepreneurs in over 500 chapters. Some of the past speakers include names such as Jan Koum (Founder, WhatsApp), Marc Andreessen (VC), MC Hammer (musician, producer), Michael Seibel (CEO, Y Combinator), John Collison (Founder, Stripe) etc.

We will sponsor Startup Grind Belgrade Chapter for three months. The guests include successful entrepreneurs and VC investors from companies and investment funds like GoDaddy and Speedinvest. This sponsorship package is worth $4,200 alone and includes major promotion for Dash through the event, academic, financial and other partners, and regional media (one of their media partners Blic has over 50 million visits a month). As their former chapter director, I managed to negotiate a major discount for Dash. Their current partners include names such as Pepsi, The University of Sheffield, Google for Startups etc. Here is the official sponsorship package with benefits included for Dash and a list of other partners and sponsors.

What about testing a new creative strategy?

We want to create a designed “Happy Holidays” Dash letter describing Dash values and including my contact details. It will also include a brief description about how Dash can help these companies. We will test this promotional strategy by sending this letter to 20 companies. If the strategy works, we will expand it to more companies through a more personalized approach. We received this advice from a local startup that managed to sign their first clients by using this approach.

Do you have any supporters?

Yes, here is a list of our supporters - passionate about blockchain technology - that will be helping us achieve our goals:

1) Jasmin Alić (marketing advisor) - an award-winning educator, author and seasoned copywriter from Bosnia and Herzegovina that worked on projects for companies such as Apple and Shell. He is the founder of Writinado, a content creation solutions provider for enterprises, SMBs, and influencers around the world. Apart from his background as an acknowledged EFL teacher, he is also an SAT trainer and a German course instructor, with work experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2) Radivoje Peškić (tech advisor) - a software developer that got his first job at DEVANA Technologies (acquired by GoDaddy), one of the leading tech companies in Serbia working on new Internet technologies, mobile and web applications. At DEVANA, he worked on development of Lemon.mail, a world's first encrypted and decentralized e-mail service. Previously, he was a software developer at Gamecredits Inc., a cryptocurrency and virtual wallet for 2.6 billion gamers worldwide with two cryptocurrencies on the market.

- Advisors are not financially compensated for their time; they are working with us on a voluntary basis.


This is my fifth proposal for Dash. I am requesting 29 Dash a month for three months. We want to use this proposal to further promote Dash in Serbia, test a new promotion strategy, plan the expansion to other regional countries and enter Bosnia and Herzegovina, organize meetings with interested companies, and explore ways to help Dash integrate with more services and exchanges, including media exposure. In case that the price of Dash grows, we will be investing additional funds into other activities and promotion.
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Mike Crypto

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Jan 3, 2018
I have heard great things about your efforts in Serbia. Impressive work with the last conference :cool: You are a well known member of the community and your ask will not impact our budget or other proposals but could bring great value to Dash ecosystem so you have my support. We have funded sticker projects for more money in the past. Good luck!