The Community could help me run the Half Marathon of Argentina through campaign donations?

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Mar 26, 2016
My name is Matthew, I'm a Brazilian athlete. I wonder if I can count on the community for donations for me to run the marathon Agentina half in 2017.

I can run with the organization's shirt (I myself do I send the shirt), and post pictures with the logo on each training day in miha social network. My instagram is: @mateusmourams
I can also post the #DashTalk hastag in each publication my. (For each workout, do a publication). This Hastag can start posting from the time the campaign started.

I have not created the portfolio. But if anyone support this create posting to initiate. Before you create also do a budget total: Passage (Brazil - Argentina) + race + Description hosting to know all I need in Dash according to its variation. Could someone help me or give more ideas? I also divlgar photos from training and new here in this post, including the amount that has been collected so far and how much still needed.


Not open for further replies.