TedX Salt Lake City Sponsorship - 2017 - Not paid due to invalid Payment Address


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Sep 10, 2014
Please note that this proposal’s budget wasn’t included in the superblock due to an invalid payment address in the governance object. The object in question was:


It contained:
`\"payment_address\":\" XuYDEzZzKxnknPDiVKe91sJaD1nQnnn5B6\"` (note the leading space)

When this proposal was created through the proposal generator a bug existed that allowed a payment address to be submitted that contained invalid data. In this case the payment address contained a leading space and thus was written into the governance object with invalid data in the payment address field.

The current design of the system depends on the proposal generator for validating proposal data. When the superblock trigger object is created by sentinel at budget finalization time invalid proposals are excluded, which is necessary to ensure that a correct superblock trigger is created allowing other proposals to be paid.

We are in contact with the proposal author to ensure this issue can be properly addressed. We have also updated the HTML proposal generator to ensure this bug was squashed.
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