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Roman Shepin

New Member
Sep 28, 2020
We all know that the tokenization market has a large potential for developing. I have come across an interesting project-Tecra Space. Basically, this is the crowdfunding and tokenization platform - the platform intends to help both investors and creators. They just recently launched the BETA version of the platform. As I understood, the platform works in the following way: you as the entrepreneur or scientist send the concept of your project on the platform. Then your idea goes through some steps of verification like the expert’s selection and the community voting. If everything is fine and the project has the potential to enter the market - the owner of the project sets the goal of fundraising and defines the price of the token of his project. Like, if you need to raise 100.000, you can set your token at the price of 1$, so you issue 100 000 tokens.

Meanwhile, the investors buy the TecraCoin ( oh yeah these guys have its own cryptocurrency) so you buy this crypto and it serves as the means of payment and investing. And as the investor, you exchange your coins for “Project Tokens”. Obviously, the token is generated on the smart-contracts. Seems like Tecra has its own blockchain which is based on Zcoin fork. So the token stands as the proof of your investment into the particular project. If the project successfully realizes its potential - the project is obliged to buy the fixed percent of the tokens back from the holders. You could also sell your tokens to someone else. The curious fact is that if the project doesn’t attract the full amount of needed investments - all of the coins are returned to investors. There are also cool perks as that 3% out of each project that gained the needed sum is distributed among all of the coin holders.

I have been monitoring this project for a while, so this Tecra has its own patens on Graphene technologies as well as they plan to create a decentralized exchange platform for the exchange of digital assets in general, and in particular - patents and other intellectual property rights (IPR) in their tokenized version.

The project seems to be self-sufficient with the determined goals, (also, Tecra has obtained European Grant for the realization of its projects - POIR.01.01.01-00-0552 /19 ).
I don’t know, guys. I am really about investing in some of the projects on the platform Tecra Space. Do you think their interesting way of investment is solid?